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Things to do over reading week

Things to do over reading week

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all well.

For this week’s blog, I thought I would give you tips on how to spend reading week wisely.  For those of you who don’t know, reading week is essentially a whole week off uni where lecturers strongly suggest this time is used to read (hence the name).

I do agree that this week can be a massive help with your studies as it allows you to have a few whole days to focus on your studies without anything getting in the way.  This means you can work on any assignments that are due soon, any exams that need to be studied for and catch up on or get a head start on any reading before going back.  While I do recommend students take this time to focus on study, there are a few other things that are good to do over reading week that will help you when you return to uni. So, here are four other things I think are important to do over reading week:

  • Earn a bit of extra money – If you’re as lucky as I am you may have been able to keep your ‘home job’ – as I like to call it. This means when you go home you can work a few hours and get a little bit of money before returning to uni. I especially find this useful as my summer money is running low and with no loan to fall back on, these extra earnings will be a great help, especially with Christmas just around the corner.
  • See family and friends – After being away for two months it is always nice to spend time with your family and friends from home and catch up on anything you’ve missed.


My crazy family!


  • Relax – If any of you are like me, you will feel ready for a week off.  I know I will have to do some studying over this week, however I have just had two months of doing hard uni work and so need a little bit of a break – even if that means having more of a lie in than you would get with those 9am lectures!


  • Have a bit of ME time – Linking with relaxation, this week can also be a good time to focus on yourself. This could mean having an extra-long bath, going to the gym maybe or even having a pamper night with a good face mask.  It is important to take this time to look after yourself while you have the extra time and prepare for the next few months of university.

I hope you found this post interesting, if you have any questions or suggestions on what you want me to write about, please leave a comment.

Jessica x

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