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This is Halloween! How I make my apartment festive.

This is Halloween! How I make my apartment festive.

Halloween is nearly here! As you will be able to tell, I am quite excited about it.

I love autumn/Halloween and I always try my best to get into the festive spirit. I thought I would share with you guys some simple touches that have made my apartment feel a little more cosy/spooky.

So baths are always a must as soon as the weather starts getting colder and I am a massive fan of LUSH so it is the perfect excuse for me to start spending a lot of money in there.

Yes, my nails are Halloween themed! Here is a close-up.

One of my favourite ways to make my home seasonal is to get bedsheets that go with the theme. I got these orange tartan style sheets from ASDA and they are brushed cotton so they are super soft! The throw is from Home Bargains and it literally was the biggest bargain. I think it was only around £4 and it is so big and fluffy!

So unlike some of the other UCBlogger girls, I am not the best cook/baker. Sooooo, I tend to cheat. If you are like me and don’t have the skill or time to bake seasonal treats then head down to your local supermarket and pick up some pre-made cinnamon-swirl dough. All you have to do it cut it up and shove it in the oven! Simple as that. You can pop these in if you have people coming over for a movie night and nobody will ever know your secret.

By now you will probably have realised I am a big fan of candles. I picked up this one from Home Bargains. It’s not the normal type of scent I would go for as it is quite sweet, but I feel like it definitely helps create a more Halloweeny atmosphere.

Halloween movies and TV shows are a must. I love The Nightmare Before Christmas so I tend to put that, Casper or Hocus Pocus on. And don’t forget that a new season of Stranger Things comes out soon!

I am a coffee lover. I cannot make it through the day without some sort of caffeine. My go to at Costa is a chai latte, but in Starbucks, I will obviously go for Pumpkin Spice. However, when I’m at home I have to make my own coffee. I picked up these seasonal ground coffee packs from TK Maxx, believe it or not. They are delicious and I highly recommend.

It’s also cold enough to finally wear cosy jumpers! You have no idea how excited I am to pull out my jumper collection. I just think there is nothing better than being wrapped up on a cold morning walking into university. The picture shows my top three favourite jumpers right now.

Obviously, I’m 21 and a little old for trick or treating. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t still give my guests candy when they come over… or just raid it myself. I got the little bucket last year from Tesco and I just fill it with random sweets.


I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog! Let me know how you get yourself feeling seasonal in the comments!

Ya girl,

Jade x




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