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College Quiz!

College Quiz!

So this week I decided to do something a little different. I’ve made a short quiz which will summarise how much you’re going to get out of the college experience! This quiz is set out with a set amount of questions where there will be an A, B and C option. Keep score of how many of A, B and C’s you get to determine your college experience outcome. Underneath each question I’ve briefly summarized my own choices and why I think they would lead to the ultimate college experience!

Q1. It’s the first day and you don’t know anyone, where do you sit in the lecture hall?

  1. Go and sit on the back and text on your phone.
  2. Go and sit next to someone that looks friendly.
  3. Quickly go and nab the seat closest to you that’s free.

Personally in this situation I would go for option B, as it’s an easy way to start making friends from the get go. Option C isn’t a bad choice. However, option A definitely isn’t the best idea! Don’t let nerves get the better of you – when you’re in the room, be in the room! Check out my previous post on how to make friends!

Q2. A group of college peers invite you out after the induction day. What do you do?

  1. Make your excuses and head home.
  2. Happily tag along and get to know the group.
  3. Go, but sit there quietly and awkwardly.

Again, for me B is the best option. College is such a new and exciting environment it’s really all about throwing yourself in the deep end. Some people start out more confident than others, but coming to college gives you a chance to start over. Option A is probably not going to aid your social life. That being said, you don’t have to go to all social events, but at the start of the year it is a good idea to mingle a bit. On one of my first days at UCB, four of us girls in the same class sat together awkwardly at Nando’s – but ever since that awkward first outing we’ve been firm friends.

Q3. A fellow student asks to add you on social media, what’s your response?

  1. Give them a fake username and leave before they work it out.
  2. Accept them on snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp ect…
  3. Say you don’t have any social media and politely decline.

This is the modern age; social media is a young person’s lifeline. It starts, ends, aids and destroys friendships and relationships. So always be wise online and only accept people you know. So in this instance I’d cautiously go for B, but if I genuinely didn’t have any social media accounts I’d go for C.

Q4. Your class starts at 2pm, what’s the best time to be at UCB for?

  1. 2:15pm
  2. 1pm
  3. 1:30pm

If you’re on a practical course like me, this is an important point to be aware of! I would personally be in college AT LEAST one hour before any practical class! Lecturers expect all students to be in the kitchen to set up around 15 minutes before the class start time, so that takes us to 1:45pm already. Changing into chef whites also takes a different amount of time for different people, and if you’re like me it takes you at least 20 minutes while chatting, so this takes us to 1:25pm. These other 25 minutes are a “safety zone” which includes lateness, transport issues as well as the important issue of eating before class. In a hot, high-pressured kitchen not eating can be dangerous, so use that extra 25 minutes to grab water and lunch if you haven’t had time.

Q5. Your first piece of work is due for the 21st of September, when do you do?

  1. Leave it till the 22nd of September to start.
  2. Have it done by the 10th of September.
  3. Complete it from the 18th to the 20th of September.

Either option B or C is acceptable as it’s important that the work is completed within the deadline.

Q6. It’s one of your new college friend’s birthdays, what plans have you got?

  1. Your closer to your old school friends and haven’t really clicked with anyone at college so you’re not going to do anything for their birthday
  2. Going ALL OUT! Banners and balloons for the lockers, birthday presents sorted, embarrassing Instagram collage and lots of weekend and after college plans!
  3. Maybe a card and some chocolate to show thought?

So this question is dependent on a lot of things. For example, the time of year: if your birthday is September when you’ve just started college, chances are friendships are not quite cemented yet. Moreover, money could be an issue, but if you’re like me you probably like receiving gifts where thought and effort have gone in over money. However, I’m most likely to go for option B, as in a year I’ve made some great memories celebrating birthdays with my college friends!

Q7. You’ve just finished class. Where do you head off to?

  1. To 6th floor to get started on that theory work!
  2. Up to 5th floor café to grab some lunch and chat with your friends
  3. Into town with your friends for a coffee, lunch or shopping then home

All of these answers resound in a big tick! For me it can be entirely dependent on how I’m feeling, how classes have gone and what time of day my classes are. Some weeks all I want to do is go home, sometimes I’m very focused on getting up to date with work (which seems to be most the time now days!), sometimes all I want is to sit on 5th floor café or 8th floor rooftop and eat and chill. It’s entirely up to you!

Q8. Your head of year asks you if you’d like to do an extra day going to an event, what do you say?

  1. “No I’m ok thanks.”
  2. “I’d absolutely love to!”
  3. “Sorry, I can’t make it. I’ve got work that day”

For me option B is 100% the best option, as I’ve mentioned in my post all about the opportunities at UCB, these are the things really to grasp when offered as for me they are part of what’s made me so enthused about my course and career over the last year. However, option C is perfectly understandable and it is good that as a student you’ve got a job (Check out to work or not to work? the pros and cons of having a job at uni by Ellie Smith).

Q9. A cute boy in your class has caught your eye, what do you do?

  1. Tell anyone in you class that will listen! Send one of your friends over to see if he likes you and get hung up on him for months on end, even if it’s not reciprocated
  2. Play it cool. If he’s interested, he’ll come to you
  3. Ignore the flirtations and concentrate on your work

There is something to be said for each option, for me I’d probably go for B as this is more my personality and I’m not one to go boy crazy. However, being upfront is always an option, but I wouldn’t suggest sending a friend as a messenger as it’s a tad childish. Also you’re young and are just starting to embrace your new-found independence, so please don’t waste your time getting hung up on one guy who isn’t interested. Lastly, there is something to be said for option C, at the end of the day some people are purely here for their education and while that’s fine, don’t completely rule out romance – sometimes it’s just fate.

Q10. Its summer. Are you going to see any of your college friends?

  1. I’m too busy, and they live too far.
  2. I’m very busy, but I’ll squeeze time in for a catch up and anyway, what’s social media for?
  3. I’m going to see them every single day and spend all summer with my college pals!

Option B is realistically what happens when you’re away from college and you get tied up with work, family, other friends. However, during the summer me and my college friends were still on FaceTime almost daily, as well as occasionally meeting up for lunch or a chill day.

So I hope you’ve found this quiz helpful. Now you can work out your score…


Mostly A’s – Needs a little Kick

You’re perfectly ready for college, however after the safety of school a few things need to change. This includes your attitude socially and academically. Even if you’re shy and reserved, college is about starting that next step in life and you’ll need to become more socially aware not only to make friends but to be able to operate as part of a team (especially in the kitchen).

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Mostly B’s – Social butterfly

Ready for a new start, you’re not going to have any problems fitting in. Academically and socially you’re going to thrive and find it was the best decision you ever made! (Read about how it was mine on My decision to move to UCB) however, be careful not to get too caught up in your new whirlwind college life.

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Mostly C’s – Going to be just fine

Option c has been the middle ground all the way though out the quiz so chances are you’re going to be just fine if you’re coming to college. As a quiet one who keeps themselves to themselves there’s no doubt your grades at UCB will be impressive. However, coming out of your shell, even just a little bit, could make all the difference over the upcoming year!

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