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Five little ways to save money

Five little ways to save money

So we’re halfway through semester one and right now, your student loan may be feeling a bit stretched. So I wrote this blog post to help you save money relatively easily.


-Eat less meat

Meat is expensive! Cutting it out of your meals, even just for one or two days a week, will save you money. You can still have your usual meals but just replace the meat for some veg or a meat substitute. My favourite veggie meals are chilli made with quorn mince, thai green curry with extra veg instead of meat and spaghetti with a lentil ragu sauce.


-Buy a refillable water bottle and a hot drinks thermos

Buying water and hot drinks out has become a habit for many of us, and although it doesn’t seem like that much money, it builds up. You can buy some great water bottles and thermoses on Amazon for a very reasonable price. Although you will have to pay up for that, you will save so much money over the year if you fill it up at home instead of buying drinks from uni or a local shop. For example, bottled water at uni is 80p- let’s say you are in uni 3 days a week and buy a bottle every time. That’s £2.40 per week or £31.20 per term you will have saved!


-Invite friends over for dinner instead of going out to eat

Going out for dinner can be really fun, but quickly drains your wallet. Try inviting your friends over and making them dinner! A meal like lasagne can be made for lots of people, and if you chose a cheap recipe it could only cost you a fiver. Ask your friends to bring garlic bread and dessert, and you’re sorted.


My delicious lunch when our house had an end of year BBQ together


-Cook in bulk

Lots of recipes online are for four or five, and many ingredients come in large packets. Instead of changing the recipe and wasting ingredients, just make big meals and then portion it off into freezer bags- label them with your name (if living in a shared house it can be confusing), the meal you’ve made and the date made (as a rule, eat frozen dinners within 3 months of making them). You could also just make double and have the second portion for lunch the next day.


-Budget for treats

With all that being said, if you only ever pay rent and buy food and travel, eventually you will crack and go on a spending spree (trust me, I’ve done it). Allow yourself a certain amount each month for spending on treats like nights out, cinema trips, eating out and trips to Starbucks. That way you are controlling your spending, and know what to budget for.


It’s fun to have friends over for dinner, but sometimes a trip to Nandos is in order


Hope you found this helpful! If you have any tips to share, please leave a comment below.

Until next time,


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