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Dating in the kitchen!

Dating in the kitchen!

As a teen girl I’m supposed to be obsessed with boys, right?

Well, since I enrolled on a Professional Cookery course 90% of that has gone out of the window. As a chef I’ve become insanely focused and career driven. When my friends are all at the club, I’m usually in an evening Atrium production class. That doesn’t really leave much time for pulling, does it?

The danger with this is sometimes a bit of puppy love can blossom in the kitchen, as it’s where you spend all your time. This isn’t a bad thing in itself by any means – who doesn’t want to be a power couple at home and in the kitchen? However,  beware: dating fellow chefs can be a blessing and a curse.

Have you ever heard the phrase “If you can’t stand the heat then get out the kitchen?”

Well, the culinary industry can be a cut-throat business and UCB trains us for those industrial pressures, but add romance to that and we’re not quite so qualified. All I can suggest is a little intellect and strategy to stop these relationships blowing up like a big ole flambé!

Firstly, UCB attracts students from far and wide, so distance should be a major factor when it comes to deciding to date. You may have found someone incredible, but is an hour’s train journey realistically going to fit into that busy schedule?

If you decide to take the plunge, dating at college means you can end up spending a lot of time together. Your class mates become your best friends and family, since that’s where you spend all your time. So imagine spending all of that time with someone in and out of class, and you’ll find proof that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

So maybe consider someone in a different class if you’re looking to connect with someone. Think about it: how are you supposed to focus on your studies when sitting across from your gorgeous bae?

Tempers are also a major influence in the kitchen. Some people are just more likely to blow up than others. So, you have found yourself in a relationship with a fellow firecracker, just mind that those tempers don’t come to a head in the kitchen. The Atrium is no place for a domestic!

Being at college all the time makes you so close with your class mates that, much like school, everyone has a tendency to get involved with everyone else’s business. So be prepared – if romance blossoms for you, everyone will have an opinion.

Finally, if you’re as focused on your career as me, your question should always be if the person you’re dating is going to help or hinder your dreams. Are they going to pull you up and share their knowledge, or push you down and distract you?

Have fun navigating those adolescence Insta DM slides, Facebook messages and Snapchat map scandals!


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