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Relaxation tips

Relaxation tips

Hi everyone!

This week, I wanted to stick to the theme of looking after yourself and do a spin off from my previous post and write to you about relaxation.

I believe setting aside a few minutes to relax is a key element of looking after yourself.  Whether it be everyday or once a week, everyone should do it.  There are lots of different methods people have to relax. Today I thought I would share with you some of the things I like to do to unwind after a long day at uni or during a stressful assignment.

  • Write a list – It may sound daft, but I find writing a list of all the things that are on my mind and that I have to do very helpful. By doing this I can see exactly what I need to do and it doesn’t feel as daunting.  Most of the time, I look at the list and realise that actually, it’s not a lot and I’m just overthinking each thing way too much.  I also find that ticking bits off the list as I complete them calms my nerves further – and keeps me going to the very end.


  • Have a bath –  I have only just discovered how relaxing baths can be if the right soaps are used and the mood is set. Fill your tub with plenty of bubbles and gorgeous smells.  I prefer a bath in the evening when it’s getting dark and I can chill out and catch up on some TV or YouTube.  At the moment, I have been loving the bath bomb ‘Dragon’s Egg’ from Lush with Radox muscle soak to create a mountain of bubbles whilst making my skin silky smooth and all my muscles relax.
Dragon’s Egg – My all time favourite bath bomb!
  • Hot drink and snack – After a stressful day at uni, one of my favourite things to do is curl up on the sofa with a hot tea and some biscuits. Being a biscuit dunker, my favourites are custard crèmes, rich tea, chocolate rich tea and, of course, ginger nuts.  Sometimes I like to shake it up and treat myself to a chocolate bar, but don’t worry, I don’t dunk that in my tea – I’m not that weird!


  • Watch TV – Now I’m sure you all have that one guilty pleasure TV show you don’t like to admit you watch but do. I find that watching these types of shows makes me feel relaxed as I am watching something I like and it cheers me up after a stressful day.  I am currently loving Blue Planet II, which I would definitely recommend. It’s amazing!


  • Relaxing environment – I’ve mentioned this a few times, but fairy lights and candles will soon be your best friend.  If the atmosphere around you isn’t relaxed, then how can you be? My favourite candle at the moment is Zoella’s Lazy Days.

  • Music – Along with setting the lights, I find music to be a great help when it comes to feeling relaxed. Have a listen below to a few of the songs that always help me relax:


I hope you found this post helpful.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

Jessica x

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