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What I eat when… I’m sick

What I eat when… I’m sick

Going into winter we are sure to catch some kind of sickness. Lucky me caught a cold last week, so I’ve been walking around like a zombie.

However, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do a “What I eat in a day” post and show you what I tend to eat when I get ill. I know I get super fussy when I’m unwell so this might help some of you guys when you inevitably catch a cold over winter.


I like my drinks, so I usually have more than one on the go at a time. I have water with lemon slices, orange juice and a cup of tea. Then food wise I have a muffin and some porridge with bananas and cacao powder.


I always have a massive plate of fruit in my house and I snack on that throughout the day. It’s especially helpful when I’m ill.


At lunch I felt especially ill so I decided to have my favourite comfort food. Might look disgusting but its delicious (in my opinion). I had scrambled egg with beans and sausages on toast. Then I also had water and a black coffee.


For dinner, I would normally have something like a stir fry or my favourite pasta (pictured above) but I really wasn’t feeling too hungry so I decided to have a mixture of things. Kind of like tapas.

I have apple slices, peppers, tomatoes, cheese, spinach, sugar snap peas, olives, salami and some chutney to dip things in. Might sound strange but it was easy for me to snack on that while I was watching TV instead of having to eat a full meal.

I hope you have some sickness-food inspiration from this. I know it’s easy to not eat anything when you’re ill, but food is so important.

Ya girl,

Jade x

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