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My final year bedroom

My final year bedroom

Hello everyone,

In previous blog posts I’ve featured pictures of my 1st and 2nd year rooms and so I thought I’d take you on a tour of my room in 3rd year, as I moved to a new house again. I loved decorating a new room, as I think it’s really important to be comfortable in whatever house you’re in to make it feel like a space suits your needs- in my case, somewhere I can study and be productive in, but also relax and unwind.

This is the view of my room when you walk in. It’s the biggest room I’ve had at uni so far- I really like the size, as although it’s quite big, it still feels cosy.


Going around the room, this is my chest of drawers where I keep my clothes and in the top drawer I store my make-up. I tried to keep the top of the drawers relatively clear and free of clutter- I just have a plant, my everyday perfume, moisturiser, hand cream and lip balm and on the other side is a white wooden box from Primark full of hair/skincare and a stand for my earrings which was a gift from a friend. Next to it is a built-in wardrobe and some of the shoes I wear on a regular basis.

This is my bookcase. The bottom shelf has boxes with socks and underwear in them (bit boring!). The next shelf up has a mixture of library books and books to read for pleasure, as well as some tucked away DVDs. Above that shelf is my favourite part- my housemates joke that it’s a Harry Potter shrine. I have (from left to right) the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, then all seven books of the series, next to that are my DVDs of films 1-4 (the rest are at home). I also have my Harry Potter and the Cursed Child programmes – one for each cast, a candle from Primark, cacti from IKEA, and a Kilner jar with some flowery fairy lights in. Finally, the top of the shelves has plants and an alarm clock from IKEA, a pink glittery ‘E’ which was a present from a friend, a marauders’ map replica (from the Harry Potter studio tours), a whiteboard that I have written a Bible verse onto and a BB8 mug (a Star Wars character) from the Disney store.


I won’t go too into detail over my desk as it has featured in a few posts now, but here’s a picture again.



Finally, my favourite bit of my room- my bed! The bunting above it is from IKEA, as are the white cushions. The grey throw was a present and the rest of the bedding is from Primark. I’ve also got a few cuddly toys tucked up there- one is a doll I’ve had since I was about four years old, the other is Baymax from Disney’s Big Hero 6 wearing an innocent smoothie big knit hat.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this room tour- I am enjoying living in this room for my final year, I particularly like that my desk is tucked away around the corner so I can’t see it when I’m trying to relax after a long day of sitting at it working..


Until next time,

Ellie x

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