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Winter essentials

Winter essentials

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all well! I have planned to write to you about my winter essentials and due to having a crazy busy week I am currently writing this on a cold Friday morning whilst looking at a blanket of snow on the streets of Birmingham. So, what better timing to tell you my winter essentials?


There are many items of clothing I think are a MUST at this time of year such as:

JUMPERS: Knitted, woolly or fleeced I think every wardrobe has to have at least one for those cold days and something a bit thicker is needed.  Here are some jumpers I am loving:

COSY HOODIES:  Great for lounging around the house or to throw on when popping to the corner shop for some milk. Here are my favourite winter hoodies:

SCARF: On days like today or later in the evening, I believe a SCARF is a key essential that will keep you warmer than you think.  I like to switch between two scarves.  One is a snood which I am wearing a lot more now than I used to and the other is a big, long, soft scarf in pink and blue with a beige pattern on the other side.

GLOVES: This is another item of clothing I have found especially useful on days like today where walking to uni can make my fingers feel like icicles.

COSY PJS: One of my favourite things to wear is a good set of cosy PJs – whether I’m going to bed or not!  I especially love the Christmassy themed ones that come out this time of year.

SOCKS: Everybody needs fluffy socks during this cold time.  I love a good pair of cosy socks to wear when lounging around the house or even to wear to bed on a cold winters night.


This may sound rather odd, but I’m sure you all have those certain products you reach for during this time of year and others you don’t. I am currently loving cream/ brown eyeshadow during the day where I can keep it neutral and when going “out out” I add a hit of shimmery gold to catch the spotlights. I also enjoy adding a light stroke of pink blush to give my cheeks a rosy look to be in keeping with the cold autumn/winter theme of the season. The colours I like to wear on my lips don’t really change much as I like the natural look and if I’m honest I always feel I am too pale to pull off a dark red or berry lip – however I may be brave one day and try it!

Nail polish

I don’t know about you, but I love to change my nail polish to the different seasons.  Although I like to do it in my own way.  This means I don’t often wear brown, yellows and reds at this time of year – only for Christmas weekend.  Instead, I also like to wear khaki green, winter blue, silver sparkles and my all-time favourite colour no matter what the time of year – white.

Random bits

Every season has some random bits you have to have! Mine are an advent calendar (no matter how old you are! And yes I do have a light up Paw Patrol one!), winter scented candles, fairy lights, hot drinks and Christmas blankets.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post and found it helpful! If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below.

Jessica x

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