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Best Christmas wishes!

Best Christmas wishes!

So, after a term of terrifying inductions, new pressures and first term deadlines, it’s finally the end of the year. As the first holiday of this new year at UCB, I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

So for this blog post, as everything is so so busy at this time of year with the tinsel twinkling and the carolers caroling, I wanted a short and concise post to let you know what Christmas really means to me. As an acrostic poem, I’ve included everything I personally find valuable about Christmas and a song of my choice if you’re feeling like you need a little more of it in your life.

For me Christmas is…

C – Cheer – Cheer is the word of the season, as Christmas approaches people get happier and moods slowly rise as the days go by towards the 25th. My aim as a person is to be cheery all year round (and the majority of the time I succeeded to the sometimes disapproval of my tired classmates). But Christmas is that time of the year to give cheer an extra push.

Corresponding Christmas song: Jingle Bells!

H – Home – Family and being at home is a massive part of Christmas for me, this time of year is about being around the people you love more than anything, whether this be family, friends or a partner. As the biggest family person, I love seeing them, and spending time with them as I make a special effort to see them this time of year.

Corresponding Christmas song: All I want for Christmas is you!

R – Remembering – Christmas for a lot of people is a time to reflect and look back on the past year or even back over a lifetime. Christmas for the young can be about making memories but Christmas for the old is more about reminiscing and sometimes looking back at what you’ve lost, but also what you’ve gained. For example, my family go to the cemetery every Christmas eve to decorate my uncle’s grave, this for us is a time to remember someone we so dearly love, during the festive season.

Corresponding Christmas song: Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

I – Indulgent – Christmas, lets be honest, is a time for going overboard. Even though Christmas is naturally a religious festival, in 2017 it’s more of a commercial holiday. Even though,I personally think it’s so important to remember the true historic meaning of Christmas, in this day and age when day after day is taken up with long hours of hard work. There is nothing wrong with splashing out during the holiday season.

Corresponding Christmas song: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

S – Showing – Showing love is a massive part of Christmas, for me Christmas is a time for doing not saying! It’s about doing what’s needed and taking time out to show others you care. It’s about showing those close to you, as well as others you don’t know, that you care. About caring for thy neighbor over thy self.

Corresponding Christmas song: Baby it’s cold outside 

T – Traditions – Traditions for me are a massive part of Christmas, as me and my family do a lot of little things that are quite unusual on Christmas day but I’ve been doing them my entire life! For example, I’m not allowed to start opening presents after Christmas dinner, which is approximately 3pm which means I have to have a fair level of self control. I also have many of the usual Christmas eve rituals such as brandy and cake for Santa Claus and a carrot for Rudolf (Yes, am too old, but I don’t really care). So traditions for me are so important as it’s all about keeping Christmas together as a family and at a time when growing up is hard, it’s exciting to stay young for Christmas.

Corresponding Christmas song: Silent Night

M – Marking – Christmas marks the end of the year, the joyful time before the panic of new year sets in. Christmas is that time of year when everyone mentions “It feels like we’ve just had Christmas!” But, with another year gone, and another year older, Christmas is an stepping stone to the next year and another milestone to pass until next year.

Corresponding Christmas song: It’s the most wonderful time of the year

A – Acceptance – Christmas isn’t a time for fighting, it’s a time to let grudges and arguments go. It’s a time to forgive and let peace be. For me Christmas fights epitomize everything wrong with the world, Christmas is a time to come together, for better, for worse and show support and tolerance for those around you. 

Corresponding Christmas song: Happy Xmas (War is over)

S – Snow – I love Christmas! Crystal windowsills, fluffy snow covered hedges and little snow angels along the path. All we want for Christmas is that post card image of the picturesque houses covered in snowwwww!

Corresponding Christmas song: White Christmas!

So, have a merry Christmas everyone! Eat plenty of pigs in blankets and come back refreshed for the new term in January!



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