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Exciting and new 2018!

Exciting and new 2018!

It’s 2018 everyone! Hope you all had a relaxing break and you’re too depressed dragging yourselves through dry January.

This year I decided not to make the usual mistake of pledging to give up chocolate, join a Zumba class or lose an unnecessary amount of weight. Instead, my new year’s resolution this year is to become more skilled.

What I mean by this is most of my 24 hours a day are spent at college, working, sleeping or eating. I love it but when I look back in 40 years I want lots of fun and exciting memories to look back on.

So on the 2nd of January 2018, the second day into the year, I conquered a big fear. Getting on a bike! I haven’t ridden a bike since I was about 10 and crashed into a lamppost and cried when I tried riding my friend’s bike. Safe to say, after that day my hopes of completing the tour de France died a painful death pretty early. So, even though to most this might not be a big deal, to me going on a bike ride was the start of a new year with new hobbies, ambitions and hopes.


So even if it’s as simple as something like riding a bike, learning how to swim, learning a new language or conquering a fear – let’s start of 2018 the way we intend to go on! As for me, I’m going to include trying new things, learning more, and immersing myself in new cultures and experiences. Keep an eye on this space to what I get up to and get some ideas on how to start off your 2018 (maybe start with something less painful than an 11K bike ride!)


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