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New year, new me?

New year, new me?

Hello everyone!


It feels a little bit late to be talking about new year’s resolutions, but that is what I thought I’d write about this week as I have moved back into my student house in Birmingham ready for the new term, and it feels like a fresh start. I don’t usually make resolutions (almost the only area of my life where I’m a bit of a pessimist) as I find they never last past January- so what’s the point? I also think that you should make resolutions to improve yourself at any time of year, not just the beginning. Anyway, this year I thought I’d give it a go and make some resolutions.


  • Read 25 books

As a child and early teenager, I was an avid reader, but when school work piled up as I did my GCSEs and A levels, I stopped reading as much as I used to. This year, I’d like to try and get back into reading, and so I thought one book a fortnight was an achievable goal. I’m not going to be including course books in this! I’ve started with Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier and I’m really enjoying it so far. In addition to the number of books, I’d like to diversify the authors that I read. During the year I’d particularly like to read some Zadie Smith, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Reni Eddo-Lodge. If you have any suggestions, please comment below!

  • Write one line a day

For the new year, I bought a five-year diary. Each page has the same date with five entries for five years. It doesn’t seem too daunting as there’s not much space to write- just enough for a brief summary of your day. Then, as the years go by, you can see what you were doing on that day years ago. These next five years seem key to me- it will be between the ages of 20(going on 21) and 25, within that time I will have my last term at university, graduate, start a new job and fully get into adulthood. I’d love to be able to look back on those times and see exactly what I was doing and how I was feeling. I have a few entries of a small number of attempts at starting a journal and I love reading what seven-year-old me was thinking, I hope my 70-year-old self thanks me for making this resolution.

  • Continue to reduce meat consumption

Finally, I have been slowly transitioning to a mostly vegetarian diet this past year. At the moment, I don’t cook or buy meat, but if I go to someone’s house for dinner, and when I’m home for the holidays, I will eat meat. This year I’d like to expand my repertoire of vegetarian meals, and become more confident telling people that I am a vegetarian- basically, I just need to commit. I would also like to try out some dairy free milk alternatives and overall reduce my animal product consumption. I’m definitely not ready to be vegan yet (I do a bakery degree!!), but it is something that I am interested in trying, or at least in attempting one day of the week.


I hope you have enjoyed your holidays and feel ready to get back into university! If you’ve made any new year’s resolutions (or have broken any already) then share them in the comments.


Until next time,

Ellie x

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