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It’s the little things

It’s the little things

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all well and have had a good week.

This week I was going to write to you about life as a cheerleader.  However, this week has been a crazy one for me and has made me think more about life so I’ve had a change of plan. Warning, this could get deep!

On Tuesday, I was in a car accident whilst on my way home from work after someone drove into the back of me. It was dark, cold and starting to rain.  With my parents in Portsmouth and having no passengers, I was all by myself and if I’m honest I was in a lot of shock (with this being my first car accident) and was a bit scared.  Don’t worry I wasn’t hurt and neither was the other driver, however this incident did get me thinking – sounds cheesy I know.

When I have driven passed people in this situation I have sometimes thought, what would I do if that was me? Equally I have thought about what other people would do if they saw me in this situation.  I have often heard those heroic stories of people pulling over to help, but again, I wondered whether people actually do that and whether they would do that for me.

Get ready to dive deep!

Looking back on the situation has made me think about how little things can go a long way. I was fortunate in that those who saw me embraced the principle of little acts of kindness and actually pulled over to help. The people who came to rescue me even bought me a cup of tea to help calm my nerves.

The idea of “little things can make all the difference” is something I have been thinking of since that night.  It doesn’t always have to mean going completely out of your way to do something, even a smile of a hand signal showing people you care can make someone’s day or life a bit better.

I have decided that this is something I am going to remember, and try and do more little things in life to make a difference. Whether this be holding the door open for someone, helping someone with their shopping or with directions.  I think this is something we should all think about more and next time you see someone who is upset or distressed think, how would you want people to react if that was you?

Remember, little things can make all the difference.

Jessica x

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