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Penny for a Rainy Day

Penny for a Rainy Day

I love the expression “penny for a rainy day”, the same as “penny for your thoughts” or “see a penny, pick it up, and all day you’ll have good luck.” It implies a penny is something of value, which is the point of tangible currency, isn’t it? We use money for four reasons but the main one is that it’s a medium of exchange, currency replacing old time bartering. It replaced the need for sheep and goats to be exchanged for fruit and vegetables.

That being said, in today’s society what’s a penny? Would you be upset if you lost a penny? Would you even be upset if you lost a pound?

Saving a penny for a rainy day implies that a penny is worth saving, and the implication that something small may add up to something special. Saving a penny for a rainy day also is a sweet thought for keeping a bit spare to cheer you up on a miserable rainy day (like most of this year so far).

So here are my tips on what I like to spend my pennies for a rainy day on (£5 limit):

  • A coffee – a trip to a local coffee house for a steaming hot chocolate or latte is all that’s really needed to warm you up in these drizzly winter months.
  • A trip to the old fashioned sweet shop – there’s nothing better than tucking into a brown paper bag of 100g bonbons from an old fashioned sweet shop.
  • A book – I can be an addict when it comes to adding to my book collection. The bad thing is I buy books faster than I read them! That being said, getting my hands on a new cookbook is one thing I absolutely love and I could flick through the pages for hours.
  • A DVD – as a self-confessed movie buff, it’s fair to say I have a fairly eclectic taste so you can often find me in the old Hollywood section of HMV browsing Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn films. Can’t go far wrong with the 3 for £10 deal!
  • A bath bomb – a visit to lush is all most girls need to be content; a soak in a bubble bath is the best way to spend a cold winters night.
  • New fluffy socks – warm feet, warm heart? A trip to Primark’s sock section is worth it this winter.


So this Feburary save your pennies and treat yourself. You deserve it!



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