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How to get over a break up

How to get over a break up

So, you got dumped just before Valentine’s Day? I feel you, it’s almost like they were trying to get out of planning anything for the big day, right?

It’s quite a common time for break ups because people get freaked out by the seriousness of a relationship. But don’t worry, I got you bby.


From personal experience, I have devised a guide to becoming your boss-assed self again in no time. You don’t need no boo!


  1. First of all, you need to take some time to “get over it”. So, give yourself a few days to cry, eat ice-cream and watch soppy movies… which actually make you feel worse, not better. But you need to get the emotional stuff out of your system. Trust me, you need to cry and rant and burn those pictures!
  2. This brings me to step two which involves getting rid of anything which links memories to things. I threw out all my jewellery, stuffed animals, and a whole scrapbook when me and my ex of 3 years split. You can’t hold onto that stuff if you are going to move on properly. (Unless you guys ended on good terms, in which case put the lighter down crazy.)
  3. If they did the worst possible thing and not leave you with an explanation, then you text them to your heart’s content to try and get the information you need for closure. If they fail to reply, then just know they were never worth your time and probably don’t care about your feelings enough anyway to give you time to talk.
  4. MUSIC. I can’t even begin to explain how much music can help you through times like this. My personal favourite break up song right now is Dua Lipa – IDGAF. You’re welcome.
  5. You know in the movies when people have break ups and they change their look to make themselves feel better? That’s an actual thing. You need a fresh start. Changing up your hairstyle or having a pamper day really makes you feel better. Also, you don’t want to look a mess… You’ve stopped with the ice-cream and crying now. You have to get out there and show the world that you are a queen/king, and nobody is gonna break your heart again.
  6. Don’t do the whole dramatic social media break up stuff. You will just embarrass yourself if you go around tweeting about how much of an a**hole your ex was. (Again, trust me from experience.) Instead, make your social media glow with positivity. Let the likes flow. That will annoy them more than your depressing song lyrics anyways.
  7. Get social. Meet with your friends and have a great time! You need to get back to being you ASAP! And that means having fun and doing what you love. Plan drinks with your pals or even coffee with your mom. Be around the people who love you and bring you up. This is also the perfect time to get in touch with people you may have lost contact with when you started your relationship… We have all been there and prioritised the wrong people. Sort that out.
  8. Get healthy! Eat well and exercise. You will be feeling like the hottest person that ever existed in no time. Someone would be really stupid to break up with you, am I right or am I right?
  9. Self-love is the most important thing. If you love you, then it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Work on you. Use this to make time for you and achieve your goals. Also, nothing is more attractive than success… Just saying.
  10. Finally, you need to forgive. By this point, you will probably have looked at the situation from every angle and realised it’s not as bad as you thought. You will never be fully over it unless you can forgive and forget.

It might feel like the end of the world… But I promise you it’s not. You get through it and over it in time. Also, if it helps, each break up gets easier because you get used to the idea that not everyone is supposed to be in your life forever. Sometimes you need that specific person for a certain time in your life.  Never give up on love because you will fall in love MANY times in your life. It’s okay and it’s normal. You got this, I believe in you.

Jade x