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Lush bath bombs I’ve been loving

Lush bath bombs I’ve been loving

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all well and have had a good week!

These past two months of 2018 have been challenging for me, and I’m sure I will tell you more about this soon.  But one thing I’ve discovered during this time is that there is nothing a good bath can’t fix! Over the past few weeks, I have been trying to take more time to looking after me by having more baths and you can’t have a bath without a bath bomb! So, this week I thought I would share with you some of the new bath bombs I have tried and been loving from Lush.

  1. Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb

Now, a lot of you may think this is just for Christmas, as the Snow Fairy collection is often seen around this time of year.  However, I say you can use these bath bombs any time of the year!  Before using this, I was most intrigued by the concept of jelly and I wondered what it would feel like and more importantly what it would do to my skin.  When placing the pink and white bomb into the tub, it fizzed and brought out the most gorgeous scent! When I got into the bath I soon saw and felt the little bit of jelly floating about and resting on my skin.  When I rubbed this into my skin it felt so soft and calming like getting into a freshly washed bed.  When I got out of the bath I noticed how soft my skin was and how relaxed I felt as a result of the soft scent that took over the bathroom – even one of my housemates commented on the beautiful smell it let out. I would definitely recommend this bath bomb on a Sunday evening when you need a bit of calming and pampering, and want your skin to feel smooth and soft.

2. Cheer Up Buttercup

So, I decided a bath bomb was in order after my car crash for two reasons, A, to calm my nerves and make me feel better and B, in the hope that it would ease the pain.  I had a look in my little basket of bath products and after reading the name of this bath bomb I felt it was most suitable.  Upon first appearance, I immediately saw lavender and knew this would be the one to calm me as I always used one of those lavender scented teddies to help calm me to sleep as a child if I was ill or sad.  I also smelt a strong hint of lemon which I’d hope would give me that lift of energy and help me get back on my feet.  It may be one of Lush’s smaller bath bombs but wow, can it fizz! Much like the first bath bomb, the scent took over the bathroom but was a much stronger and uplifting smell as the lime and neroli oil filled the air. After sitting in the bath for just a few minutes I felt my spirits rise and my body relax as the lavender scent sank in.  When getting out of the bath my skin didn’t feel as noticeably silky as it had when using Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb, but I could still feel a difference.  I would definitely recommend this bath bomb for when you need a lift in life, and something to help put a spring back in your step.

3. Sherbet Dip Bath Bomb

This bath bomb was a different shape to the others which fascinated me as I wondered whether this would affect how it work.  It was also a great deal wider than what I thought it would be. Its yellow colour was no surprise when I smelt its lemony scent.  When putting it into the tub I was surprised at how much it fizzed and even more surprised to see a pop of blue coming out of the sides. Much like any Lush products the scent was strong (in a good way) and soon filled the room.  This scent was similar to Cheer Me Up Buttercup in that it gave me more of a lift than it did relax me like the Snow Fairy one. This was a good thing as I needed a bit of a lift and some energy put back into my life.  For some reason this scent always seems to wake me up and make me feel like the day is going to be productive – which I liked.  The only thing I disliked about this bath bomb is how quickly it dissolved.  I am a weird one when it comes to bath bombs in that I like it to still be fizzing a little when I am in it as I feel it gets into my skin better.  But this one appeared to dissolve within seconds!  Despite this, the scent and effect it had on my body and mood didn’t die nearly as quickly and it did well in helping to give me a boost and making my skin nice and soft.