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The Greatest Musicals

The Greatest Musicals

See what I did with the title there? Give me a virtual high five.

Yesterday I FINALLY went to watch The Greatest Showman in the cinema for my sister’s birthday. Needless to say, I enjoyed it far more than my sister did. At one point I was off my seat joining in with the dances, much to her embarrassment. So that got me thinking… all of my favourite movies are musicals or music-based movies. So in true Jade fashion, I decided to make a list of the very best.

(Note: I am not including Disney/animated movies because that would literally go on forever.)


Sweeney Todd

If you talk to my best friend about this she will tell you the first 10 times I watched this film I covered my eyes through half of the film. But there was still something that made me want to watch it again. And so from the age of 11, this quickly became one of my first favourite musicals.

Les Misérables

Now if you don’t love Les Mis you can’t possibly be a musical fan. I mean my parents aren’t the biggest fans but they still shout “I STOLE A LOAF OF BREAD!” whenever someone mentions bread in the house. I think it just such a visually incredible movie. You have talent thrown in your face the whole time. Like who knew Anne Hathaway could sing like that? There is that one bit in Ella Enchanted but I always thought it was autotuned.


My first musical love. Who doesn’t pretend to be both Sandy and Danny in the shower am I right? Everyone knows the words to Summer Nights… Usually, you find that out when it comes on in a bar, when people are drunk, suddenly the cast of Rydell High is there with you in the flesh. UH WELL-A WELL-A WELL-A HUH!

Phantom of the Opera

Another movie that I was originally terrified of. Funny story about how I grew to love this one. It was the only film we had in English when I was living in Spain so I forced myself to watch it. I just used to be so scared of seeing the Phantom’s face without his mask, but I outgrew my fear… eventually.

The Greatest Showman

A new love as you will have read above. I was astonished by how visually beautiful it was and the moral message behind the story. I think it ended perfectly and I can’t get the songs out of my head!

Moulin Rouge

I think this is the movie that The Greatest Showman reminded me of Moulin Rouge has been one of my favourite films for many years and it never fails to make me cry. Another visually beautiful movie. There is always so much going on and the song choices are perfect.

Mamma Mia!

Now. I get a lot of stick for loving this film. I don’t know why people don’t like it! It is one of the best “feel good” movies out there in my opinion. I always put it on when I’m feeling a bit down and it always cheers me up. Amanda Seyfried’s voice is just beautiful as well. I can’t wait for the sequel to come out!

Rock of Ages

Oh my gosh. I remember being a bit unsure the first time I was going to watch this but then I discovered Russell Brand was in it and had to see it. Now I watch it so regularly I could probably quote the entire film. It is VERY cheesy… but I kind of love that about it. I also find it incredibly funny but I might just have a weird sense of humor.


Cher and Christina Aguilera. Need I say more? It has a really cute love story and my two faves sing their hearts out. I can’t think of anything more perfect.

Dream Girls

A classic and it’s full of the best songs. Beyoncé and J Hud kill it as usual and you best believe you won’t be able to watch one episode of the X Factor without someone belting out one of the songs from this movie.

All of the High School Musical Movies… I’m not even ashamed.

Come on. You know we are all in this together.

Hairspray (both the old and new version)

My little sister and I used to dance along to the old version of Hairspray in the living room every other day. That is just how much we loved it. I always the thought The Madison was way cooler than the Cha-Cha Slide.


That’s it for this post but if you have any suggestions for other musicals I should watch let me know!

Jade x

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