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Reflecting on semester two

Reflecting on semester two

Hello everyone,

For many, Easter is a time of reflection, and although semester two isn’t over yet, I thought I’d use this blog post today to think about my time at uni since Christmas has been.


Things I have enjoyed:


  • Guest lecturers

This term we have had lots of guest lecturers come in for our Ingredient Functionality module to teach us about different ingredients like enzymes, cocoa powder and chemical raising agents. It has been really interesting to hear from people in the bakery industry talk about their products, but also some of them have talked about their careers and their journeys from college/university to where they are now.


  • My 21st Birthday!

I had a really lovely time celebrating my 21st with family and friends. I felt really loved and cared for by my friends which is so lovely, considering that one of my biggest fears about uni was not making close friends.


  • Baking outside of uni

This may seem like a silly one because that is my course, but this year we don’t have a bakery practical module and so I have enjoyed baking more at home and feeding my housemates.

Things I’m looking forward to after Easter:


  • Handing in my dissertation

It’s a scary one but I cannot wait to hand in my dissertation and have it out of my life! I’ve enjoyed writing it, but I am definitely ready to be done with it now.


  • Having my final lectures at UCB

Again, a very scary one, but I am graduating this year and I am nervous about finishing, but also excited to move on and see what the future holds.


  • Warm weather (fingers crossed)

Don’t get me wrong, I love autumn/winter and snow, but this year it has been a bit too much. I am looking forward to being able to spend my free time out in the sun, relaxing.


Hope you have a lovely Easter,


Until next time,

Ellie x

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