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Spring/summer essentials

Spring/summer essentials

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all well and enjoyed the hot weather we had this week!

I don’t know about any of you but I loved seeing the sun and feeling the warmth take over the air.  It got me thinking about some spring/summer essentials I think everyone needs to have.

  • A jacket – Since coming back to uni after the Easter holidays I have found it to be this awkward weather where it is too hot to wear a big puffer coat but too cold to do without anything. So, I recommend an investment into a jacket. This could be a bomber, denim or leather! It is just something easy to throw on with jeans and t-shirt that will still keep you warm when it’s not quite the 20+ degree heat we had last week.


  • Nail Polish – I know this can be worn all year round, but there is something about spring/summer that I feel makes wearing nail polish more fun. It is the time of year when you can get away with wearing bright bold colours like pink, blue or turquoise.

  • A denim skirt/dress – This can be taken straight out of your winter wardrobe and into your spring/summer wardrobe. Simply remove the tights and add a cute t-shirt and there you go!


  • Coconut scents – Similar to nail polish, this can be worn all year round.  But I personally LOVE wearing this scent at this time of year as it makes me think of the sun, the beach and all things summer fun!

  • Sunglasses – Now, even though it’s not officially summer, the sun is starting to shine and is very bright at times! So, I would recommend everyone has a pair of sunglasses to hand.


  • Tan – I am the sort of person who would love to have a tan all year round. But in the winter, I kind of accept that it is cold and the time to be pale. However, when it comes to spring/summer, the desire for a tan grows, especially when it’s as hot as it was last Thursday! But instead of fake tan, I like to use gradual tan (as I always manage to ruin fake tan!). I find it much easier to apply and safer in terms of streaks!

I hope you found this useful and are ready for some more hot spring/summer days…I know I am!

Jessica x

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