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Future plans – becoming an entrepreneur

Future plans – becoming an entrepreneur

Ever since I was a little girl I always knew I wanted to be my own boss. Both of my parents had their own businesses and I grew up watching them build those businesses. I saw that they had the power to do whatever they wanted and were only limited by their own creativity. From a young age, I was giving my parents ideas for their businesses and helping them with designs etc. I realised that my creative side was my power.

The idea of having that much control over a business intrigued me as I’ve always been fascinated with entrepreneurship. Being a UCB business student meant that the idea of becoming an entrepreneur was suddenly something attainable. I was encouraged to become a businesswoman and before this was something I didn’t think was going to be an easy road.

Throughout university, I have gained the confidence in myself to go forward in creating my own brand. This is something I hope for anyone else who was in the same shoes as me.

I always felt like I had an interest in many things and I couldn’t decide on one to go ahead with as a career. Then it came to me, why not do it all? If I limit myself to doing one thing when I have a clear love for many I’m only holding myself back.

So now when people ask me the dreaded question “What do you want to do after uni?” I answer with confidence “I’m starting my own business.” And when people ask me for the details I keep it on a need to know basis. I’ve had bad experiences with people taking credit for my ideas before and I don’t want to make that mistake again.

So my point is guys and gals, have confidence in yourself. You have the power within yourself to do whatever you want. Make it happen.

Jade x