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Bye Felicia! (and by Felicia I mean uni)

Bye Felicia! (and by Felicia I mean uni)

As I am writing this post I still have post-presentation nerves flowing through me. Today marks the end of a wild ride. I have completely finished all of my university work! Now just to wait until July when I find out how well I did…

However, I’m trying not to dwell on any negative thoughts that keep trying to pop into my head. Instead, I am going to fully enjoy this new freedom. I can read books again without feeling guilty that it’s not academic reading! I wasn’t the best at balancing my university work and social life, so I am very excited to see all my friends again.

I’m not going to lie, this past year has been an incredibly difficult time for a mixture of reasons. Due to that, I can say that I am honestly proud of myself for persevering and finishing university because for a while I was close to giving up.

As I wasn’t allowed to write acknowledgements in my dissertation I am going to include them here:

I would like to thank every single person who encouraged me to continue and didn’t let me give up.

My amazing mom has been my absolute rock throughout this whole experience and I couldn’t have done it without her. Thank you for always giving me your time and help when I need it and being proud of me no matter what.

My best friend Georgia, thank you for supporting me through anything and always standing by my side and being my cheerleader. You are my real-life guardian angel.

I would also like to thank Rachel Mason for all of her support and encouragement. During a really difficult time she went above and beyond to make sure I kept going and finished university, I really hope I do her proud.

I am so grateful for my incredible friends and family. Thank you to you all for sticking with me. 

My advice to anyone at university would be to never give up because the feeling, once you hand in that last piece of work, is worth it all. You are going to have the world at your feet and a heart full of self-pride.

Jade x

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