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My favourite spot in Birmingham

My favourite spot in Birmingham

Birmingham is a big city and the nation’s second city. It isn’t considered rural, or beautiful, and with poverty, high crime rates and lots of underdeveloped areas, it’s hard to find any tranquility in this metropolitan bustle.

So out of everywhere in the city centre, there’s one place I love, the quiet and beauty…

Before revealing this, the other contenders for my no.1 spot included the roof of the new library, the steps in Brindley place, the sofas in the Second Cup Coffee Company or upstairs in the Urban Café on Church Street.

So my favourite place is… the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

Even though some exhibits change, some areas of the museum don’t; my favourite paintings are always there whenever I go. The big piano is there, and the roof in the main entrance room still has sunlight shining through.

As a child, my mum always had a love of art and I never really understood it. Now as I get older I realise it’s not that I don’t get it, it’s just we get different types of art. Isn’t that’s what’s it’s about though? Personally connecting to the art? You can be stood next to someone in the same art gallery, looking at the same piece of art, thinking completely different things, for all I know they could be thinking about the beans on toast they’re having for tea! On the other hand we could be merely thinking how beautiful the painting is.

The thing I always think about when I go to the art gallery is the painters. I love reading the plaques which sometimes tell you a little about the artist.

The best thing about my hideout is, I feel like time stops when I’m in there, town can be so manic and the art gallery is so calm, it’s a place to walk slowly, talk quietly and look closely.

So even though it’s my place, I am willing to share on this one occasion. See you there.


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