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Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Going to university is scary, and moving away from loved ones is even scarier.

Love is the most potent emotion we know as humans. Absence is one of those things that test the love we have, like a flower it either blooms in the adversity or slowly withers. In my life I can look back and think of examples of both, when being apart push me away from loved ones but also times when being apart only made me cherish our time together more.

For me the most important example of this has to be my big brother. My big brother is one of the people I love the most in the world, but due to his career choice, a detective in the metropolitan police, a choice we are all spectacularly proud of, it means I’m not with him as much as I’d wish to be. However, these absences has only made me long for his visits home even more and cherish our day trips down to London to see him.

Another example of this is some of my school friends. Life gets busy and time is limited, but the best friendships are those ones you go back to where absolutely nothing has changed no matter how long it’s been. I’ve got some amazing friends that I don’t talk to everyday but when I see them we cause mischief like we were never apart.

But sometimes, absence makes people lose each other. This is like a frayed rope where pulling makes it break but strong relationships are like knotted rope that cannot be pulled apart no matter how far.

Being apart is hard, especially at university when you’re far away from everything and everyone you associate with home. But distance is only a test for relationships, it never ends them.

So keep those you love in your heart and, like my big brother, they’ll never be too far away.


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