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How to plan a themed party

How to plan a themed party

Hello everyone,

This week’s blog post is a little different! This week my sister had a birthday party, and almost every year she has a murder mystery with a different theme. In previous years it has been the wild west, circus, roaring 20’s and this year it was fairytale. We like to go all out with decor and food and so I thought I’d explain how we plan and execute the theme every year. Maybe you have a younger sibling with a birthday this summer and you have some free time to help plan their party?


Pintrest is always the first place I go. I search through other people’s ideas to inspire my own. For example, this year I searched things like ‘fairytale party’ ‘princess party’ ‘princess decorations’ ‘fairytale food ideas’. I made a collaborative board with my mum so we could share any ideas we found. Then we plan and make lists of decorations and food we want to make and when to make it.


For the princess/fairytale theme, we had some normal food like crisps, popcorn, fruit and breadsticks to snack on and fill up the table, and then made a few key themed items. This is easier to do than make EVERYTHING themed, and also saves time. We did try and put them in themed containers, so our popcorn and mini marshmallows were put in old teacups. For our themed food, I made things like Belle cupcakes, rose apple tarts, melon and grape wands and, of course, the birthday cake.


We went all out this year with decor. The party pack that the murder mystery comes with has posters and signs to stick up so you don’t have to do much more, but we made some more (again using Pinterest as a guide). We made purple bunting like the film Tangled, we had a streamer wall, wrote quotes on the mirrors in our house, and made a drawbridge out of an old table and paper chains. We then also did a general scattering of tea lights, fake rose petals and glitter and the drinks area was Alice in Wonderland themed (with a slightly ominous quote about poison to fit the murder mystery).

I hope you’ve found this post interesting, and good luck planning!

Until next time,

Ellie x

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