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What I take on a shoot

What I take on a shoot

As some of you will know if you follow our Instagram, I model part-time. On my most recent shoot, a lot of people, some aspiring models, were interested to know what I take with me for the day.

Location photo shoots can end up being extremely long and are usually an all day thing. Therefore, it’s important to go prepared.

In true Jade fashion, I’ve created a list to let you know what my must-haves on a shoot day are.

Phone – Vital for those cute boomerangs for Instagram! Pictured is my old iPhone 6s but I’ve recently swapped to a Huawei P20 Lite and I prefer my new phone sooooooo much more!

Sunglasses – As it’s getting warmer outside I like to keep sunnies with me, especially if I’m going to be driving. My faves are from Quay. Unfortunately, I don’t think they stock my exact pair anymore but they have similar ones.

Body spray – This one is by the brand Grace Cole in the scent “coconut & lime”. I recently found these in Home Bargains and, to my joy, realised they were cruelty free! It’s really difficult to find perfumes and body sprays that are, so this was a great find.

Deodrant – Changing in and out of outfits all day and being under hot lights can make things a little sweaty. I like to keep deodarant with me but it’s always important to check they are safe for the clothing beforehand.

Hand sanitiser – I don’t always know if I’ll have access to a sink when I’m on shoots (especially location) so I like to keep hand sanitiser to be on the safe side.

Snacks – You never know if you will have easy food access, so it’s always better to bring something. At the moment I’m obsessed with these Milky Way Crispy Rolls.

Purse – Money, for obvious reasons.

Face halo – I avoid using face wipes these days for environmental reasons, so I’ve been using the Face Halo. I love them to take off any crazy make-up I’ve been wearing during the photo shoot.

Mascara – I don’t wear makeup on my way to a shoot but sometimes afterwards we go for food etc so I like to bring a few bits in case. My favourite mascara at the moment is the Essence Volume Stylist mascara.

Lip balm – At the moment I’m a little bit obsessed with Glossier. Their Balm Dotcom in the flavour coconut is a must have in my opinion.

Brow gel – You must have seen the Boy Brow everywhere by now. It’s the best brow gel I’ve ever used and it’s fast becoming one of my favourite products of all time.

Foundation – Right now I love the Perfecting Skin Tint by Glossier.  It is very similar in my opinion to the One and Done by Urban Decay which is another favourite of mine.  I prefer a really light coverage and a more natural look so I think these are perfect.


If you are a fellow model and have any more reccomendations please let me know! And as always, any questions leave them below.

Jade x


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