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Healthy Summer Snacks

Healthy Summer Snacks

Hi everyone!

I hope you are well and have been relaxing in the sun!

As it is now summer, I felt this was a good opportunity to get back into having a healthier lifestyle as I’m not going to lie to you, I have slacked on this over the past few weeks. But now is the time for change! This past week, I have been focusing on my diet and have found some healthy alternatives for snacks. Normally I would grab a bag of crisps, or a cake or chocolate biscuit if I get hungry in between meals. But I found I was never full up after eating one so would end up having a fair few during the day alongside my main meals. However, I have discovered four amazingly delicious alternative snacks that fill me up and meet my snack cravings.

1. Kiwi and Banana slices – I’ve recently found a new love for banana. I never used to like them due to their mushy texture, but I’ve discovered that when paired with Kiwi it tastes beautiful! I have also found that by cutting my snacks into slices it feels like I am eating more than I am.

2. Strawberries – You can’t go wrong a fresh strawberry! I used to eat these with a sprinkle of sugar, okay a massive spoonful of sugar, but melted dark chocolate is a much healthier option in comparison to sugar or dairy milk chocolate.

3. Apple slices – I have always loved apples since I was a child, especially Pink Lady apples! Over the past few days I have found apple slices are a great snack to have between meals!

4. Home-made guacamole and pitta slices – With a mix of flavours I have found this a nice alternative to the unhealthy snacks I used to eat. I know bread isn’t the healthiest thing to eat, but every now and then it’s okay. Instead of having bread with something unhealthy like bacon, home-made guacamole dip is the perfect thing to mix it with. It is quick and easy to make and cheap too! Plus, with it being homemade, you know EXACTLY what is going into it.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and it has given you some inspiration into healthy snacks!

Jessica x

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