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Getting ready for graduation

Getting ready for graduation

So, it’s nearly the end of the year and graduation is soon approaching. I’m so excited for this day, but it comes with lots of mixed emotions…

Excitement is the first emotion I feel when thinking about graduation, this is the end to a two year journey but the start of the next chapter of my life. Graduation is an exciting word; it connotes the end of the hard work we’ve been through. I’m near the end of finishing my Level 3 qualifications at UCB, but have previously completed my Level 2 as well so graduation feels like tying a ribbon around both those years.

Excitement is not only about the symbolism of the day but also the day itself. Like any big date in the diary graduation is an event to look forward to, like Prom, my 18th and other big occasions, you always get those jitters of something you only experience a few times in your life at best. It’s a day to buy an outfit, have your picture taken and celebrate your achievement with the people who’ve supported you throughout.

Nostalgia is a huge emotion coming up to graduation and I’ll probably be sobbing “it’s the end of an era” onto my friend’s dresses (leaving foundation smudges). Leaving school and coming to UCB hand on heart is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I have honestly enjoyed the past two years so much and I’ve met some incredible people who are going to be friends for life. Graduation feels like that part of my life is coming to a close, but if I look back over the past two years I’ve laughed (probably more than is normal) , smiled and created lifelong experiences to look back on.

Apprehension is the next emotion. In college you’re a child, and as someone who’s recently turned 18 in the past few months, is an adult now and leaving college it all seems more real. But don’t worry guys I’m coming back for UNIVERSITY! Starting a degree in September is so exciting but extremely nerve-wracking moving up to the next level in my career, moving from home into student accommodation and all those other things that come with student life.

Optimism is the final emotion I link to the upcoming graduation; it’s a hope that everything’s going to be ok. Hindsight is easy, to look back and say I should have done that, they should have done this or that was a wrong decision. But in the present all I’ve got is the hope that I’m on the right path. Graduation is a time for new beginnings, and my feeling is that, this summer, graduation will be fine, and everyone I’ve met in college and spent the last two years with will be fine too.

So let’s get excited for graduation and try not to cheer too loud when I’m up on that stage as a fully qualified Level 3 Chef!



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