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So… what’s next?

So… what’s next?

Hello everyone,


As some of you may know, I have just finished my time at UCB! I have my dissertation result still to find out in July and graduation in September, but apart from those I am finished! When chatting to people, one question almost always pops up: “what are you doing after university?” It can be a bit of a daunting question, but I thought I’d chat about it a bit in this week’s blog post.


Short term plans

From now until the end of August, I am going to be working in a tea room in my home village in Hertfordshire that opened up recently. I am really excited to work there as although small, they want me to be involved in developing and expanding their afternoon tea menu, which is so exciting and fits so well with my afternoon tea assignment that I did in second year. It will also be so nice to get back into the bakery after a year of mostly theory modules.


At the end of August, I am coming back up to Birmingham to do a year working at the church I have been attending during my time at university in Birmingham. Although not bakery related, I hope to continue to practice and develop my skills in my free time- I’ve already been asked to do a wedding cake in September!


Medium term plans

After that year, I am interested in going into teaching Food Technology at a secondary level. We had a speaker visit from BCU and I felt really inspired and motivated by her talk. I had such an incredible Food Technology teacher at my secondary school who encouraged me in my passion and is one of the reasons why I chose to do Bakery as a degree. I might look into working as a food technician in a school first, to get experience and a feel of being in school before fully committing, as my mum is an art teacher and so I know how hard it can be. I hope to dedicate plenty of time in my year working at church to doing plenty of research into teaching and other career paths, to try and be as certain as possible.


Long term goals

I came to university with a dream of opening my own bakery/coffee shop. That dream still exists, although I now am much better prepared with skills to do this, but also know how hard it can be. It is still a goal of mine, but I want to put years of preparation into it, to make sure that it has the best chance of succeeding.


I hope you have enjoyed this week’s blog post.

Until next time,

Ellie x

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