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Tips for new students

Tips for new students

Because my friends and I are cute and somewhat soppy, we were talking about our last two years together at UCB. The different memories and things that had happened, looking at photos and videos. For me that how college should be. We are taught to be professional, precise and reliable, but my friends and I have been able to do this as well as have the most amazing couple of years.

Thinking about it, there are a couple of things I wish I knew when starting college, some of these tips were passed down to me from older friends or things I wish I had known two years ago and from my own experiences.

  1. So number one goes back to my previous post on how to make friends at college – and that is to talk to people at the start of the year. Starting college is scary, more often than not leaving a big group of school friends to come to further education. The best thing to do is just to speak to people, from my own experience it works.
  2. The next piece of advice is really just an addendum to my first point, and that is to speak to literally anyone! It does not even matter if you are on the same course, or if you are in the same class. UCB is the sort of place that allows you to just sort of bump into people, so speaking to a wide variety of people is the easiest way to get to know those you click with (6th floor computer space is quite good for this, just don’t be too loud!)
  3. My next point would be to respect your lecturers. When I first started at UCB I had no idea how accomplished the lecturing staff were there. When they tell you that they recruit top chefs from industry, I can confirm they are not lying. So, when you are giving a cheeky response in class in your first week, maybe just think about the fact they have probably done most of the things that you are planning to accomplish in your career. They have been there and got the T-shirt!
  4. My next one is a typical and obvious one but it is so important. BE ON TIME! Now and then a bus is late, a train is delayed or you just sleep through you are alarm, its life and everyone has those days but any more regularly, and it can have an impact on you and those around you. In a kitchen you are a team, so being late can really affect the division of jobs, time management as well as take away from general morale. Being late to some classes can also mean ingredients may have been divided up already which means bringing together a dish, especially for assessment can be frustrating for yourself.
  5. Another obvious one is TURNING UP! So simple but some of my class mates have found it challenging, not showing up to classes has a huge effect on both yourself and classmates again. Keeping up with work is hard and bottom line is at the end of the year when everyone else is enjoying the start of summer, you will probably be catching up with all the work. As far as working as a team though, not turning up can put additional stress on other students who are already trying to complete assessments and complete a restaurant service.
  6. In addition, a massive element of how hard the course is to do with when you decide to complete the work. Doing work throughout the year is by far the easiest method. Trying to complete this course at the last minute is just going to leave you frazzled and stressed. As the years have gone by, I’ve just completed each piece of theory work as I was given it, and by the time the year came to an end I’d completed everything and had all the time in the world to do enrichment opportunities as well as have a bit of relaxed time off.
  7. The next piece of advice I would give to new students is just to say yes to all the opportunities available to you – whether that be dinners, extra workshops etc. Some of these things have been some of the highlights of the last 2 years of mine at UCB. Getting involved is a huge part of what life at UCB is about and however, cringe it may sound the happier students seem to be those that have thrown themselves into their course and student life.

So here are a few tips for anyone starting in September. Whether you are nervous to start or there’s just something you’d like to know about UCB, feel free to Tweet me at @UCBloggers. Me or one of the other bloggers would be happy to help!


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