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My first year of being a student blogger

My first year of being a student blogger

This will be my last post of this academic year. This is firstly a weird statement to make as this year has gone so fast and after sitting at my computer after I got this job and wondering how I was going to come up with enough posts to fill an academic year. Here I am at the other end with over 40 posts to my name!

I’ve really loved my time so far as a UCB blogger, it’s allowed me to be creative, committed and resourceful. Over the past year I’ve done a number of posts on a variety of topics including college life, Birmingham as a city, my recommendations and personal milestones.

With summer coming up there’s going to be an absence of UCB bloggers (sad I know!), so I thought I’d recommend some of my favourites of mine and the other amazing bloggers (Jess, Ellie and Jade) post’s from the last year.

I’ve picked these specific posts because they are my personal favourites out of all the collective posts we’ve done…

So here’s my countdown from 15!

  1. College quiz – Rebecca Bourne

Around halfway through my year as a student blogger I had a bit of writer’s block, then one day I realised no one had done any sort of quiz. So I devised a short quiz which should determine how much you’re going to get from college life along with my tips on how to get the most out of this opportunity.

  1. Five little ways to save money – Eleanor Smith

Saving money is a massive part of university life as students often have money worries. Ellie identifies ways in which to save those much needed pennies in simple ways.

  1. Why I should attend an open day – Rebecca Bourne

The open day I attended was a huge part of what made me enrol at UCB and on the NVQ level 2 Professional Cookery last year. In this post I talk about the huge benefit of attending an open day!

  1. You can’t win them all – Jade Bird

A very prominent message in today’s media and society is one all about mental health. In Jade’s post she talks about the issue in a very eloquent way talking and encouraging those reading to seek help and speak out.

  1. How I deal with work stress – Eleanor Smith

Ellie has identified 5 tips (with the first one being to identify) on how to cope with stress. I actually do some of these things myself and in Ellie’s post she highlights how she does each one.

  1. Having a car at university – Jessica Watt

Jess is talking about a very real topic here and a dilemma that a lot of students coming to university will have whether to bring your car to uni. Check out this post for Jess’s advice.

  1. Future plans – becoming an entrepreneur – Jade Bird

I really like how ambition literally drips off the screen when you’re reading this post. Jade’s determination is infectious to anyone reading this post so if you’re thinking about your own future plans give this post a read.

  1. UCB Cheerleading – Jessica Watt

So Jess’s cheerleading posts are brilliant, I know it’s been a huge part of her time here at UCB. If cheerleading is a society you’re looking into for university I’d give Jess’s post a read, I can also vouch that the UCB cheerleaders are absolutely lovely and have quite a few tricks up their sleeves (or should I say Pom Poms?)

  1. An interview with the UCB’s guild of students – Rebecca Bourne

So, as a student at UCB I didn’t know very much about the student guild and as an FE student rather than HE, I wanted to know more about the guild and there work. So after a bit of research I was able to get in contact with Amee a guild representative, she agreed to do an interview for me which is included in my blog post.

  1. “There goes the baker with his tray like always” – Eleanor Smith

I remember reading this post back in august and being astonished at the sheer amount of work that had gone into it. Also I must highly recommend this post if you’re going to be applying for a bakery degree at UCB!

  1. A guide to the clubs of Birmingham – Jade Bird

When I first read this post I was 17 so this was a foreign language to me but since being 18 I’ve revisited one of Jade’s first posts for some much needed tips. Jade’s easy guide for nightlife is a must read for every over 18!

  1. Pre- uni nerves – Eleanor Smith

This post was so enthralling to read as it gave a genuine insight into what leaving for university can be like. Ellie talks about the kindness of her flatmates and the closeness between her and her mom especially which was amazing to be able to read about.

  1. 10 differences between college and school – Rebecca Bourne

What I tried to do in this post was to as simply as possible highlight what I had found to be the most major changes between secondary school education and further education. There was a mixture of both what could be conceived as both positive and negative. I hope this post could possibly be helpful to prospective students as it highlights the exact differences when making such a huge decision.

  1. A day in the life of a UCB business student – Jade Bird

Jade’s post is so innovative and is in the form of a video, the video is so well made and after I heard she was doing the post I was so intrigued to see how it came out so all I can say is go and watch the video yourself.

  1. Everything happens for a reason – Jessica Watt

So I think this is my favourite post of this year on the website, it’s so genuine and Jess is incredible at being able to tell her story in such a positive and inspiring way. Reading her post I think it connects to a lot of people as she talks about an emotion a lot of us have found our self-feeling or will at some point in the future.

So head into our archives and use the search bar to check out any of these posts that really take your fancy.


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