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Summertime Hi

Summertime Hi

So I hope everyone is loving their summer holidays especially in this tropical weather that seems to have swept the globe.

After an absence of the UCBloggers this summer we’re back for another year at UCB. As last year’s FE college blogger I am very excited as I am now one of the HE bloggers at UCB which is amazing to be carrying on into my new life as a university student rather than a college student. This is a transition I am hoping to be able to highlight throughout the year in able to help any students in my current position as well as any FE students looking to carry on to HE education in the coming years.

This summer has been the summer of a lifetime for me as I’ve become a bit of a traveller. After being able to complete my Level 3 placement in Denmark over three weeks, I headed off to Wales for a much needed holiday with my friends and youth group. I then applied for an internship teaching language which I shall be completing throughout August. One part will be taking place in London and the other in Poland. I will be doing blog posts on these trips especially the Denmark trip as it was through being a student at UCB that I was able to be selected for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

As well as all that’s going on with my summer I also have a lot to look forward to this upcoming year as I move into UCB’s accommodation at The Maltings, check out the Guild societies and sports as well as start my new FDA Professional Cookery degree.

Also, the UCB bloggers team has changed. Sadly Ellie and Jade, as final year students, are not returning so I’d just like to wish them the best of luck with their careers and futures. Myself and Jess will continue to blog and new bloggers will be starting who I am excited to work alongside and to start reading their blogs.

So from the August 10th posts will be going live again each week and I’m so excited as I have so much to write about – starting university in September, Freshers’, moving in and more!

So have an amazing rest of your summers and Instagram and tweet at @UCBloggers to let us know what you’ve been doing and keep track of what we’re all doing.


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