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FE Graduation

FE Graduation

Graduation is a fairly American tradition that the UK has adopted and although this occasion wasn’t a cap and gown affair for graduating from college, it was fairly formal. I’ve been to a fair few graduations before as both my sister and dad have done some postgraduate education and was a little nervous especially walking on stage in front of the students and staff. I was excited though to see all my friends and finally meet some of their parents who I hadn’t met.

Overall it was a nice day, the sun was shining and I and a few friends and our parents met up for a quick drink beforehand which was really nice. Then we all walked down to Birmingham Town Hall where lots of pictures were taken and lots of parents and lecturers were greeted.

We sat nervously waiting to go on stage. I was scared wearing heels in case I was going to face plant the floor, but you’ll be glad to hear that thankfully that didn’t happen and I made it across somewhat elegantly.

Overall it was a great day to celebrate especially with the other three girls who I’ve been friends with since the first week of college as well as everyone else I’ve met over the last two years and my parents who went into proud parent mode which was quite adorable to watch.



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