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Birthday in Brum (Part.1)

Birthday in Brum (Part.1)

I turned 27 on the 21st of August – a Tuesday and not the best of days to celebrate so I chose to drag it out from one weekend on to the next. When uni starts up again in September, student nights will be popping up during the week so if your birthday does lie on a random Tuesday like mine it could just be an easy option to gather your room mates and head on out. As it’s the middle of summer, I had no roommates to play with (everyone’s gone home) so had to think a little bit outside of the box…


My brothers came down to Birmingham in the afternoon so took them for a Wagamama right next to New Street Station before heading down to a little pinball bar called Tilt where we went for a coffee (even though it specialises in beer the coffee is great!) to make sure we were all fully awake for the long night ahead.








In the evening and after a bottle of wine or two at home, we headed to the opening night of Serve which is a ping pong bar just off Colmore Row or ‘Pigeon Park.’ Serve allows you to book a ping pong table for up to an hour or for special occasions and packages including food and drink. The music is very cool, sort of old school hip hop, drinks were flowing and they even gave us a complimentary drink to celebrate the opening. We had a little too good  a time, managing to smash a couple of glasses in a very intense game of run around with one of the managers but they were all so lovely and I definitely want to return.

After all the games we went on a bit of a bar crawl around the area – to the Alchemist, Dirty Martini and ending the night in Revolucion de Cuba for a bit of a dance. I love this little area of Birmingham!



With pounding heads, I took the brothers for some breakfast in the Jewellery Quarter at Saint Kitchen right on St Paul’s Square. They do great coffee here that’s always changing blend and as I’m a bit of a coffee snob I always rush to visit when it changes. They do a small menu but it includes everything you could want from a full English to Mexican breakfast alternatives to pastries.

All fed we took a train to Wolverhampton to play the world’s best escape game (in my opinion) called Clockwork Escapes. It’s about £15pp and can be for groups of between 2-6 people. There are a couple of escape games in Birmingham but I urge you hop on the ten-minute train to play this one – it’s honestly so good! The ‘Professor’ is in full character, the setting is a little dark and gloomy and your experience begins as soon as you enter the building. I’ve played three of the escapes here with the best being The Alleyway and Starpoint Alpha.

Maybe plan your weekend a little more strategically than mine and avoid playing escape games on a mean hangover but as I was fully in the swing of making unwise decisions, we then went for sushi at Sushi Passion in the Great Western Arcade (Colmore Row.)  Not the food you want to eat after a night out but I thought at the grand old age of 27 it was finally time to try the stuff. And the verdict – I hated it! The sushi connoisseurs at the table did say it was delicious so take their words for it and not mine. Sushi Passion was one of the more highly recommended restaurants for sushi in Birmingham and they have little tables on the floor where you sit on a little cushion. It’s all very cute.





Sunday & Monday

Two of my three brothers left Birmingham so on both days after work I was joined by my little brother for some food – a favourite being Pure Craft Bar and Kitchen for their small plates, they do a great Scotch egg and again like many places in Birmingham, have a good selection of beer and ale! If you’ve not already noticed, I’m a bit of a foodie so I tend to select what happens based around where I want to eat!

The museum is just off Colmore Row and very close to where we ate so we popped in. Entry is free which was a delight as I’d no doubt spent so much money over the weekend (not even reaching my birthday yet) and we got to see the dinosaur without a ticket which was a bonus.

This week there will no doubt be a bit more food and some more activities with different people but I’ll save that for next week’s post.


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