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Tips for going out out

Tips for going out out

Hi everyone!

I hope you are well and are ready to start the new year.

For those of you who may not know, the first week or two of university (if you are lucky like us UCB students) is known as Freshers’ Week. It is the period of time where students move into their accommodation and bond over various different activities. This can include a range of different things from movie nights to pub crawls.

Here at UCB there are activities for all, whether you drink alcohol or not. So, I would highly recommend you make the most of this time to get to know your flat mates and get to make new friends.

With this being said, I thought I would share with you some tips I have learnt for going out that you may find useful throughout the years to come:

  1. Cash not card – By taking out a set amount of money, you don’t risk overspending.
  2. Emergency money – I always like to take out an extra £15 or so and put it in the little zip pocket of my bag in case I need an emergency taxi to get me home or something.
  3. Different purse – I have found that separating my money into different purses also limits how much I am spending as I can see how much I am spending everyday and on nights out.
  4. Pre-drink – I have always found that if I pre-drink a fair amount then I rarely have to buy a drink in the club as I don’t need to. This can also be a good way to save money! However, make sure you don’t go too crazy with this as you don’t want to get yourself into a state and not be allowed in.
  5. Powder – I never go out without my powder as all that dancing can make you a little shiny!
  6. Limits – It is always good to know your limits and stick to them. Like I said earlier, you don’t want to get yourself into a state and embarrass yourself in front of new friends.  During these first few weeks when you are still trying to get to know everyone in a new city or country even, don’t go crazy and be aware of what is around you.
  7. Phone numbers – Try and get the phone numbers of the people you are going out with and those who you are living with so if you get lost or need anything you can call them. I also recommend saving the number for a taxi firm so you can call straight away instead of standing in the cold trying to Google one! I also like to carry a little sticky note in my purse with my parents’ contact details on so they can be phoned if needed. Thankfully I have never actually needed this, but you never know.
  8. Never leave your drink unattended – We have all heard those stories of those who haven’t followed this rule. Again, thankfully I have never experienced this (touch wood) but it’s a very important tip to remember.

I hope you all have an amazing two weeks of Freshers’ fun! I know I have enjoyed the first week and can’t wait to party on into the second.

See you on the dance floor!

Jessica x

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