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Get to know: Jailbird

Get to know: Jailbird

As you already know (or should know by now) I love food! So I thought I could start a (kind of) thread in the blog to talk about some student-friendly places where you can eat or drink in Birmingham.

This week’s choice is Jailbird, a fantastic seafood and steak restaurant which has a New York loft vibe to it. Although this place is easy enough to get to it is basically a hidden gem that people need to know about. (I’ve got a little surprise for UCB students at the end of this post.)

Situated just a five-minute walk from UCB, the restaurant is on the corner of Colmore Row in a beautiful building that used to be a bank. Both this building and those around it remind me of those cute apartments in Paris with little balconies on the upper floor. So imagine going from Paris on the outside to New York once you enter the edifice … amazing right?

The restaurant overviews the beautiful Victoria Square and by the evening they open the upstairs area so you can enjoy your dinner with a view of the city at night.


I had the pleasure to visit last week with my boyfriend and we were amazed from the moment we walked in. The staff were very friendly and efficient, giving us the choice of where we would like to sit – we chose the table by the window of course. Throughout the lunch the waitress was always really nice, checking on us to make sure we were comfortable and were enjoying our food. !

Both me and my boyfriend appreciate big portions of tasty steak so we were looking forward to trying the ones in Jailbird – it had been very difficult for us to find a nice restaurant in Birmingham that actually served good steaks for a fair price. As students, we both decided on the lunch menu that is available at the restaurant from 12pm to 2.30pm Monday to Friday for £12.95pp. The starter was a soft bread with a whipped garlic and herb cream cheese (delicious!). For the main, I opted for a rump steak which was served with a béarnaise sauce and chips while my boyfriend went for a steak sandwich. Both steaks were on point and were really soft. At the end of the meal, we were actually surprised that we finally had found a place that served a great portion of food that tasted good and essentially had a student-friendly price.



I can’t think of a negative thing to say about Jailbird. Everything is amazing from the staff to the environment and especially the great quality-price ratio.

However, food is not everything that Jailbird has to offer. I didn’t have any time on my visit  but I will definitely go back for one of their cocktails. To be honest, I have tried different cocktails from different places around Birmingham but I have never seen such a distinct cocktail menu as the Jailbird one. On top of that, if you’re not in the mood for alcohol, they have four alcohol-free cocktails for £3.50.

So, whether you are a student or not, I totally recommend this restaurant either for a lunch, dinner or just a cocktail.

As promised at the beginning of the post I have a surprise: A £20 Gift Certificate and a 2 for 1 cocktail voucher to spend in Jailbird for students. Sign up here and visit Jailbird on your next lunch break from university. I can assure you that you’ll want to go back!


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