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A day out in Warwick

A day out in Warwick

As I told you in one of my previous posts (, my family visited me a few weeks ago and we had tons of things we wanted to do, but not enough time for everything ☹. One of those things was to visit Warwick, which is approximately 24 miles away from Birmingham (or 38km if, like me, you have no idea how these mile measurements work). Last week, me and my boyfriend finally had a compatible day off, so we took this opportunity to go and explore Warwick, which is such a charming place.

The train tickets from Birmingham are affordable and you can spend a day admiring different sights while resting from the buzz of the city. Just take this advice: You’re studying right in the middle of the country, so take advantage of that! Make sure you check cheap fares by bus, train or even flights to explore as much as you can.

As you’re probably starting to do some research for your assignments and on top of that have a part-time job, I know what you’re thinking: “How am I going to have time to visit another place?” Well, don’t worry because I can guarantee you that an afternoon is enough to see a lot in Warwick and don’t forget that it is really important to take some time off to focus on yourself and to relax a little bit.

We arrived in Warwick around 1pm so had plenty of time to sleep in the morning and still be able to go for a day out. To be honest we didn’t have any expectations so we decided to start exploring randomly. We came across St John’s Museum and realised it was free so we just rushed inside this beautiful building. The lady at reception told us that the house was normally closed to the general public but on that day they decided to open it – and I’m glad they did!

Although just a small museum (from our perspective), it exposes a lot of interesting history and background from across Warwickshire. There were facts regarding schooling in the 19th century and the involvement of Warwick (and the women of Warwick) during WWI. The museum is very interactive, so you have areas where you can actually hear explanations about what you are observing. As we still have a little child inside of us (I mean, don’t we all? 😊), we loved to try on some of the Army outfits and took some photos.

Around the town, you will have directions that lead you to the centre or to the most visited attractions like the castle. Although we did want to explore independently I found the directions really useful as of course, no one wants to end up in some dodgy area (especially if you are alone).

By wandering around the streets, you will come across cute houses and nice people – and we even spotted an amazing three-wheeled car! You can feel the historic atmosphere as you go along and it’s such a peaceful place to explore by foot.

Although it is nice to sit in a restaurant and eat proper food, we loved to try hot dogs and burgers from the market and let me tell that, I never had such a good hot dog (and it was only around £2-£3!)

After having our surprisingly delicious fast food, we made our way to the castle, which I was excited to visit. Unfortunately, I wasn’t ready to spend £28 to enter. It would have cost £15 if we had booked online in advance, so I’d recommend planning ahead or looking for vouchers or 2-for-1 tickets.

It was 4 pm when we decided to take some photos to post on our personal social media. We are both a bit shy and feel bad when having people looking at our embarrassing poses, so we just headed to the first pretty, but empty, street that we found. It was such a surprise when we discovered this little garden – the Mill Garden – at the end of the street (which is actually a really famous attraction) overlooking the castle and river Avon. We were welcomed by two lovely ladies who were charging £3 entry – and it was so worth it. You get to appreciate another perspective of the castle and town and there are benches around the garden where me and my boyfriend decided to stay for a while to relax and enjoy the nature. We only saw five more people there, so you don’t have to worry about encountering a crowd.

As the afternoon was coming to an end and the sun started to fade away, we sat in a charming coffee shop and drunk some hot chocolate while observing the locals running or walking their pets outside. After that, we decided to head back to Birmingham and although there are still places around there that we want to visit with more time (and money), spending just an afternoon in Warwick is a perfect get-away and you still get to know a big part of the town.

Let me know if you ever visited this town and what are your thoughts about it!


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