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Favourite Spaces in Summer Row

Favourite Spaces in Summer Row

This week, I thought I would share some of my favourite spaces in Summer Row to spend some time catching up on work, with friends or to grab some lunch. When I first started university, I usually went to the computer room on the ground floor as it was the only space I was familiar with from the induction. But after finding my way around Summer Row all year, I’ve found some other hidden gems to make your life a bit easier.

The first space is located on the sixth floor and is known as ‘ThinkSpace’. Here you will find some computers, small booths and tabled seating areas, making it a great space to complete group work. I’ve never seen it crazy busy in here, but it can get quite loud if there are some groups doing their work so it’s not where I would go for a quiet read.

The next space is located on the third floor and I had no idea it even existed until someone introduced me to it. If you have taken the stairs up to the third floor turn right, past the elevator and you’ll see a little gap in the wall. This leads to a little seating and computer area, great for quick use of the computers or sitting down for some lunch on the sofas. It’s not usually busy, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it with more than five people in it at a time, but again it can get quite loud if there are some groups in there!

The last area is the cafeteria on the fifth floor. Obviously great for lunch, particular favourites are the breakfast and the salad boxes they do, as well as a coffee for around 70p! My classes all finish around lunchtime, so I usually pop in here for a coffee rather than a sit down meal before I leave uni after lunch!

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