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Life as a mature student

Life as a mature student

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve just turned 27… making me somewhat of a mature student. The first time I went to uni, I was 19 and didn’t have a clue what to do, so impatiently chose a course because everyone else looked like they were having the best time and I wanted that too! I went out a crazy amount and spent more time socialising than studying. I hated my course and quit after a year-and-a-half!

So fast forward to now. I ADORE MY COURSE, everything seems so interesting and I’m currently working on exactly where it is I want to be after I graduate! Life outside uni is also very different this time round. I still do go out, but probably prefer a cheese board and some wine over a Jager bomb!

Nights out – Like I say, my nights out aren’t so crazy anymore! I didn’t do any of freshers’ week and have probably been to Pryzm twice (and never on a student night). I love a little drink, but find myself in wine bars or quirky cocktail bars, always choosing something different every time to make the most of independent Brum. Next on my list are places like 18/81, a hidden cocktail bar and Arch 13, a wine bar in the Jewellery Quarter.

Socialising – I’ve managed to form some of the most unlikely friendships on my course. We’re so different, but we work really well together. Outside of uni, I’ve managed to make my closer friends through work and even unlikelier friendships through the customers I serve at work. I work in the business district, which employs a lot of young professionals around my age and have managed to find a few new buddies.

Study – As always, I’ve started the year excited and overly keen with new books and pens at the ready, but slowly, the motivation has managed to drift off as I’ve got lost in decorating my new apartment, working and going to uni AND SOCIALISING, so it’s just a case of refocusing, writing down all my deadlines and starting afresh. Motivation comes and goes… nothing’s really changed with age here, but I’m desperate to do well, so I’ve got my head screwed back on. Uni is completely different this time round. I feel like I’m doing what I want and not being as unsure as I was the first time round and just sort of going along with things. I’m more decisive, optimistic and want to do as much as I possibly can because as long as you think three years are, I’m sure it will whizz by!

Mischke x

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