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How I spent my reading week

How I spent my reading week

Hi everyone!

I hope you are well and had a nice week off.

Looking back on past reading weeks, I have found each year they mean something different. In my first year, reading week was about going home to see family and friends and tell them about all the amazing things I had been up to over the past two months. Reading week in second year for me was about having a break, and in some ways working to earn extra money for the months to come. This year, I feel reading week has been about the future.

One thing I did over the past week was to read and work on my assignments. I treated it is a period where I could gather the bits and pieces together and get my work back on track for the next term. I did this by continuing to wake up fairly early, allowing a little bit of a lie-in (after all it is still a holiday) and cracking on with work straight away. I gave myself regular breaks where I could do things I actually wanted to do such as watching a new TV series and online shopping (where I add everything to my basket and never buy any of it ha ha!).

Another thing I did over the weekend was take on a few more hours at work. By doing so, not only have my skills there improved (as I only started at the end of September) but I have also got a little extra pocket money for pay day which I aim to save for any future plans.

No matter what year you are in, reading week is the perfect opportunity to take on some work experience. This week I had the chance to work with an amazing wedding and events planner and had a blast! I learnt so much and got to meet some amazing people. I have even been given the chance to work with her again and can’t wait.

I also took this chance to get on top of everyday chores such as washing and cleaning the house ready for the next term, things that only takes a few minutes but make a huge difference.

I hope you found this interesting and maybe it will help you when planning your next reading week.

Jessica x