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Orientee Artisan Bakery and Cafe!

Orientee Artisan Bakery and Cafe!

I need to introduce you to a relatively new café/restaurant/bakery called Orientee Bakery. It’s just outside the city centre in Dale End, near the Bullring and between Moor Street and Snow Hill stations. This place is an absolute hidden gem! They serve breakfast including a full English with a twist, French toast and sweetcorn fritters along with your classics such as scrambled or poached eggs. Here they bake everything fresh in the morning so expect some pretty mighty sourdough bread to accompany your breakfast.

If the savoury bits aren’t for you then you’re in luck because they do a delightful selection of sweet pastries that’s forever changing! I love the plain jam doughnuts but I’d 100% recommend the cruffins … when you see them you’ll understand why! I’ve been a few times now and always wish they’d fill the pastries a little less as the pastry itself is pretty perfect on it’s own, but I’m not complaining.

They do a selection of hot drinks including a beetroot latte (that I received by mistake) which although looked great I’ll admit wasn’t to my taste – you have to really like your beetroot! The peach Oolong tea (that I did order) was great, really fragrant and fresh when you don’t want a heavy milky coffee! I’m yet to try the coffee but they do everything from flat whites to ice lattes!

The interior is minimal with oriental features, it’s only a little café but lovely nevertheless! I usually visit outside typically busy hours such as lunch time so it’s always been nice and quiet meaning staff are very attentive and friendly with lots of personality. You can tell they care a lot for the customers and the food as they always give such good advice when it comes to the troublesome ‘what pastry’ decision.

Great food, great portion sizes, good value for money, plenty of options, excellent service… the list goes on! Find them on Instagram @orienteebakery  and definitely give them a visit. I also post about them on my foodie page @MisFFood– enjoy!

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