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My trip to Disneyland Paris!

My trip to Disneyland Paris!

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all well and had a good reading week. In my last post, I spoke about what reading week means for me and even told you some of the things I had been up to or was planning on doing that week. However, I did miss out one major thing I did during the last weekend of reading week… I went to Disney!

I met a girl at school when I was four going on five and, 15 years down the line, we are still best friends. From as long as we can both remember, we were always going to celebrate our 21st birthdays in Disneyland. Neither of us can remember actually saying or even asking about it, it was just always assumed we would. As we got older, the idea was never forgotten but I guess we never actually thought we would do it. However, over the summer we were determined to book it for our 21st birthdays and so one night, she came over and we booked it – just like that.

From that day, time has flown and last Thursday I was all packed and heading off to London to stay the night at hers and get the Eurostar first thing Friday morning! We were both so excited and barely got any sleep, but come Friday at 6am and we were high on excitement having checked in at St Pancras International, eating chocolate croissants waiting to board our train.

After a few hours, we arrived in Paris where we then had to figure out how to get to Disney. I knew a little French from school and Alice knew a little more than me having been to France a few times, so eventually we managed to buy a train ticket and take two Metro trains (which were double decker) to DISNEY! Sadly our Eurostar was delayed and it took a little longer than expected to try and figure out the ticket machines but we arrived at around 2 o’clock and couldn’t wait to get into the park.

We had booked to stay in the Disney New York Hotel as it is right by the park. And on your 21st you have to treat yourself! OMG our room was amazing, the hotel were so lovely and gave us an upgrade to celebrate our birthdays so we had a  beautiful view. After unpacking, it was time to explore the park, go on some rides and do a bit of shopping.

We were very tired on the Friday so only went into the Walt Disney Studios as it is slightly smaller as we didn’t want to be tired going round the bigger Disney park. But it was still amazing. We went into Toy Story Land, went on a flying carpet and saw so much more, it was interesting looking at the creation of the characters and films and I would defiantly recommend you check these bits out if you go.

On the second day, we went round the main park and with the help of Magic Time (where we got access to the park before the rest of the public) we got to do so many rides we wanted. These included: It’s a Small World, the tea cups, merry-go-round, Dumbo, Hyperspace Mountain (which was AMAZING!!) and we got to explore Wonderland seeing the Queen of Hearts. At around 5pm we took to the main street ready for the parade, which was just as magical as I remember it being as a young child. We even got a birthday wish from two of the fairies from Sleeping Beauty! The dancers were incredible and the costumes were beautiful! It was well worth the wait where we had good fun with the park staff dancing and singing to the music.


After the parade, we dolled ourselves up and headed to a beautiful buffet dinner at the hotel restaurant. WOW did we go for it! You have to with a buffet, especially if it’s your birthday! So a fair few courses down, we headed to the bar for some famous glow in the dark Disney drinks. Mine was bright blue and reminded me of frozen and Alice’s was bright red like the apple from Snow White.

One of my favourite parts of the trip was illuminations. Many people think this is just fireworks, but it is so much more. The castle was transformed into various Disney movies with fireworks, water displays and songs in both French and English to match. It was a beautiful atmosphere as everyone gathered together to watch the show in awe. I even made friends with a French family who tried to talk to me in English while I attempted to speak to them in French – I think I did pretty well!

After another night of little sleep due to continuing the celebrations with face masks, balloons and laughter in our hotel room, we were up extra early for magic time. Saturday was very busy and queues were rather long even in magic time, so given that we had to catch a train at around 1pm we each picked one ride we wanted to go on during this time. We headed straight into the studio park and went straight on The Rockin’ Rollercoaster without having to queue at all! It was great, as it meant we could squeeze in a few more rides after heading into the Disney park to Peter Pan. After a few hours, we had completed nearly more rides than we had done the whole of Saturday!

Unfortunately, the fun couldn’t last forever and it was time to head home. The weekend went WAY to quickly but I had a blast!

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Jessica x

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