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It’s beginning to look a lot like…

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

It was November when I started writing this post with assignment deadlines coming up and student loans having been spent. To be completely honest, all I’m wishing for right now is the arrival of my favorite time of the year – CHRISTMAS! Apparently, I’m not allowed to start celebrating until December but all I want to do is dust of my Micheal Buble CD and hang my tinsel up.

Christmas has always been a really special time for me, it’s always been a happy time.

Yes, I am aware that I’m writing a Christmas post in November but if I was allowed, I’d start writing them in July! In Birmingham, the one thing I’ve got to mention is the German Christmas market. I headed there with my friends and my favourite thing had to be the Bailey’s hot chocolate which was delicious, then white chocolate covered strawberries. To be honest the two things I’d advise when going to the German market is to go hungry and with money!

Christmas comes with a lot of challenges for a student, including the struggles of gifting on a student loan, missing family at Christmas and those assignments over the Christmas period.

So here some helpful tips in terms of student Christmases:

  • Book those train tickets home in advance
  • Amazon is Christmas giftings best friend
  • Uni temps at @Hired is available to earn some dosh for Christmas
  • Use Unidays – student discount counts
  • Look at experience gifts over designer labels
  • Homemade, hand-made and sentimental is always an option (I am queen of the scrapbook)
  • Set limits for friends (me and my three best friends have a £10 limit so we’ll only spend £30 overall)

So I hope everyone is excited for Christmas and if you haven’t started celebrating already, this needs to be the start!


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