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Well, I know what you’re thinking… it is such a vague title, what do I mean by wow? What is this post about? I could say it is about everything, to be honest. Everything that left me speechless during the last year, and my hopes and dreams for this one.

Last year was a bit of a rough year, in terms of personal life and student life. It started so well, with new opportunities such as the UCBloggers and I was so happy to start the second year in September, however, I started to doubt myself and my capability to do well in school and life and I just got into this spiral of negativity when I’m not like that… I believe I may not be the only one that has been feeling like that lately, so I just wanted to tell you something: be proud of yourself and your accomplishments, even the “small” ones. I handed in the last assignment of the semester and it was not even close to what I wanted it to be, but I’m still proud of myself as I know I did my best, and that is the thing I want you all to remember. Do not focus on the negativity of what last year brought you, but instead, feel proud of yourselves for making it this far. Life is short, and although we all know that, we don’t really do much about it right? I speak for myself… I know that I won’t be here one day and still, I focus on little things that make me unhappy instead of those that make me smile. Let’s all do the stuff that we love, be with the ones that we love and be as happy as we can be. Do apply for that job, do follow your dreams, do take the risk, and if it doesn’t work out as you wanted, of course you’re gonna cry and eat lots of chocolate… but don’t let one little step back in life to define you and prevent you from trying again.

I think what really ruined last year for me was the fact that I was focused on the insignificant things that make me cry, and I didn’t even realise great stuff that was happening at the same time. That’s definitely something I will change this new year, I quite like that feeling of ‘new year, new me’. Now the clock has hit midnight, you can expect a new Maria that loves herself more, believes in herself and feels proud for everything she will achieve. Even more important: I will stop focusing on the little negative things in life and be even more positive than what I used to be. That’s not everything…I will definitely take more risks, and more than definitely, choose people to be in my life that also choose me. I say this because there are people in my life who may be toxic sometimes or who I feel I can’t be myself with, so this is not only an advice for myself, but for you as well: surround yourself with people you love and make you happy, genuine people that you can count on and ‘get rid’ of the ones that are not good for you, it is okay to think about yourself and prioritise your feelings (this doesn’t mean you should disrespect and ignore others feelings, though!!).

Well, I hope my pieces of advice will help you think of what you can improve in your life to make 2019 THE year. I really want to achieve everything I just said, but it is not as simple as writing it down, so don’t give up if you also struggle a little bit in the beginning, everything will end up just fine 🙂

And, to finish what it almost looks like something I would write in a secret diary, I want to tell you about this amazing thing I participated in during the holidays…volunteering in Tenerife!! I was with the Atlantic Whale Foundation to raise awareness through eco-tourism about current problems such as plastic pollution. Hopefully, when I come back, I will have a lot of memories to share with all of you.

Remember to focus on the positive things in life, believe in yourself and be happy!!

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