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Get to know: Salcooks

Get to know: Salcooks

A few months ago I wrote about a superb place just by Victoria Square, and after that I thought I could tell you about more places you definitely need to visit.

I’m very proud of being Portuguese, you could say, and I’m definitely very proud of our amazing food. When I first came to Birmingham, I knew that, besides my family of course, the thing I was going to miss the most was the food (yes, I do love to eat a lot). I mean, have you tried Pasteis de Nata yet? Or even quince cookies, and bifanas, croquetes, merendas, chocolate salame… and the list goes on and on. If you haven’t, let me tell you about this amazing pop-up shop: Salcooks.

Salcooks is a total hidden gem. It is located under the arches around the corner from Snow Hill station and is a 5-minute walk away from both Summer Row and McIntyre House. They serve Portuguese-inspired food, from sandwiches to salads, sweet and salty snacks as well. When I found out about this place, I couldn’t stop myself from going back again and again. I can guarantee you that if you go once, you will return.

I wouldn’t be talking to you about this place if I didn’t really love it. As a Portuguese who has tried other natas and other Portuguese food around Birmingham, I can tell you that the food from Salcooks definitely tastes like the one back at home (even better than many in Portugal).

Sal, Rute and Huw cook everything in the morning, from 5 until 11 and then take it to the shop. Everything is fresh and the soup, pies and quiches are kept warm so you can enjoy your food even better during these cold days.

I could spend all day talking about what they sell, but I really think you should have a look yourself. There is nothing like Salcooks in Birmingham.

Go prepared because they are open for just a few hours from Monday to Friday, and by closing time (14h30) most of the food is already gone – oh, and it’s card only!

If you want to have a look at the amazing menu (there’s vegan options available), as well as some behind the scenes photos, make sure you follow @salcooks on Instagram.

If you try any food from the little shop let me know your favourite (if you can even choose a single one instead of the whole menu).


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