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Christmas celebrations and New Year planning!

Christmas celebrations and New Year planning!

And we’re back…

Although Christmas seems so far away and in the past, I thought I’d share a little snippet of my time off back home, how I celebrated and what I want for the new year.

Christmas in my household is always something I think I’d look forward to no matter how old I get. We prepare food all day on Christmas Eve and later in the evening have wine and cheese and open gifts somewhere near 12am. Every year we say ‘we’ll try to get all the food prep out of the way’ on Christmas Eve but I’m always left with a lot to cook on Christmas Day. I start with waking up early and baking gingerbread men as part of our Christmas table decoration… I should probably mention that we don’t do the normal big roast, we do around 5/6 or 7 courses (depending on who wants to get involved) and I have no idea where it all started. I think we started cooking things that would challenge us and then we wanted to cook everything, and now it’s just become the annual tradition.

My favourite courses this year were the curried cod for the fish course, the Beef Wellington on main and actually my mum’s poached pears, which was really simple but lovely. With the all-day feast over we all just seem to nod off a little, movies, a nap etc etc. And that’s Christmas!










After a quiet New Year’s Eve celebration, I got thinking about the year ahead and what I want to achieve. I’m currently on a foundation degree in Applied Food and Nutrition and only ever really thought about topping it up with an additional year to complete the full degree. HOWEVER very recently I’d spoken to a friend in recruitment who suggested the option of finishing on my foundation degree and going out and working in my field. I’m not sure why I’ve never considered this option before but it’s really appealing to me having studied before, being a mature student, I do really just want to get out into the world… as much as I do love studying.

So… what I want to achieve this year:

  • High grades (if this is the last leg of uni I want to really push to achieve)
  • Expose myself to opportunities within the University (blogging, temp jobs, talks etc)
  • Research into working opportunities available to me as a foundation degree graduate within food and nutrition (a trip to hired@UCB may be involved)
  • SAVE – After university who knows what will come along, it may require moving, commuting etc. so making sure I’m prepared for anything!
  • Travel more – It’s not all work work work, I’d definitely want to see a little more of the world after uni!

So there we go! For anyone in desperate need of careers advice like myself, do go on hired, @UCB’s website, available through your UCB portal or you can access it through this link.

It’s good to be back, I hope we all have a good start to the new year!


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