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Beauty Must Haves 2019!

Beauty Must Haves 2019!

This week I wanted to post about the beauty products that I cannot live without.

I normally wake up at 7 on a uni day, get to uni for 9, finish at 1, straight to work until 6:30, go to the gym and then usually out for dinner. Working days I’d be up at about 4:30 so this leaves little room to make sure I’m always eating well, enough or really looking after myself. This is why I have these products in my life. I use them every day to keep my skin clear with a healthy glow, so if I don’t always feel it at least I look semi-alive.

So we’ll start with the first step in skin prep. I use the Elemis dynamic resurfacing facial wash (£32.50 at Debenhams). This is an anti-ageing product but I use it to cleanse my skin and for skin cell renewal. It smells really good and I only use one pump so a little goes a long way.


When I wash my face I always use my Clinique ‘Sonic System’ purifying cleansing brush. I got one at Christmas and thought ‘why do I need this?’ but I have never looked back since. I don’t remember the last time I washed my face with just my hands.

It’s really good for smoothing your skin, making makeup application really easy. You can change the brush heads as you please, the one I currently use is the anti-blemish deep clean brush. The little gadget vibrates over your skin to a set time and when it stops, you can move on to the next area of your skin. (£79 at Debenhams)




























Next is probably my favourite product that I’ve used for years. It’s the Clinique ‘Anti-Blemish’ solution. If you suffer from acne or have blemishes, I’d definitely recommend the whole range. However, as my skin is only ever problematic after late nights and poor diet, I only use the solution morning and night on a cotton pad after washing my face. This is probably the best thing that I have ever used for blemishes so highly recommend it! (£19 at Debenhams)


Another Clinique number that I swear by: ‘Moisture Surge Intense.’ As we are fully in the swing of the winter months, my skin goes incredibly dry, making makeup application a problem. This moisturiser sinks into my skin making it feel hydrated without feeling oily or causing breakouts. It’s also a really nice follow-up product to the anti-blemish solution (which may dry your skin out.)

The brilliant thing about this is that they have two variations, ‘Moisture Surge’ and ‘Moisture Surge Intense’, so in the summer months I tend to switch to the normal ‘Moisture Surge’ which generally tends to do the trick. (£36 at Boots)


Whilst my moisturiser is sinking into my skin, I pop on some ‘Vitamin E Eyes Cube’ from The Body Shop! This cools the eye area (even more so if you keep it in the fridge), moisturises them without feeling too heavy, and generally provides a fresh feeling that I definitely need in the mornings. (£9.50 from Boots)

Side note – if you’re going into The Body Shop on New Street, ask for samples! They gave me a few oils to trial that lasted me quite some time, and the staff are really friendly so definitely ask when you make a purchase!


Now onto make-up! I start with a primer which has a beautiful glowy finish to it by Charlotte Tilbury called ‘Hollywood Flawless Filter Complexion Booster.’ I’ve never used a primer before but this has the added benefit of having a small amount of coverage and that dewy finish that’s been getting my skin a lot of compliments recently.

I tend to either pop this on before a full face of makeup, use it on its own to look alive for morning trips to the gym, or as a highlighter on the tops of my cheeks to finish. (£30 at Selfridges)


This next product isn’t something I use a lot of unless I want a full coverage but in my opinion it’s the best under eye concealer out there. It’s the ‘Naked Skin’ concealer from Urban Decay which I use to really brighten the under eye area.

It’s not cakey or thick and is easily blended. Because the colour is so light, I only use this under my eyes or to highlight the centre of my nose and forehead. Definitely worth buying if you want the full coverage look for nights out or if you’re trying to hide the aftermath of last night in the morning! (£19.50 at Selfridges)


Lastly on my beauty list are the things that work from the inside.

I always try to drink at least 2L of water a day… obviously difficult when I’m busy ALL OF THE TIME and can’t really afford to be running to the loo every 5mins, BUT it’s really worth it and you’ll see the effects on your skin straight away! I drink about 500ml in the mornings when I wake up (or when I’m doing my makeup,) slowly make my way through 1 litre throughout the day and then when I’m back home I get through another 500ml! Easy when I put it like that.

I also try to take Omega-3 every day and tend to get that through my cod liver oil tablets. Buy one that kills two or three birds with one stone! Mine includes vitamins A & D, bought from Holland & Barrett! (£6.49 at Holland & Barrett)


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