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CV Masterclass

CV Masterclass

Googling how to write a CV seems to be the most obvious way to go.

Guides are thrown up on how to format a CV. But formatting isn’t the only element. It’s not just etiquette that matters, it’s content.

There are several parts to a CV:


Personal details

For personal details, name and contact information is the most important so employers can get back to you. Things that aren’t required include marital status, age or ethnicity.

Personal statement

Personal statements are just a brief summary of achievements and personal strengths.


Education should include the years of study and place of study.


Qualifications should be a list – for example:

Date Level Subject Grade
August 2016 GCSE Design & Tech: Food Technology A
August 2016 GCSE Physics A



Employment is listed the same as education with the years of employment and place of employment.

Work experience

Any work experience should be briefly described, including place of work experience, date, and experience or knowledge gained.

Additional experience

Any other relevant experience or work that might be beneficial for an employer to know about can be noted here. For example, I’ve included some of the opportunities I’ve been afforded at UCB.


Interests are used to show an employer you’re a well-rounded individual as well as skills you might possess to aid you in a job. If you’re high on work experience and employment, this section can be brief, highlighting sports teams or clubs you are a part of. However, if you are short on experience, this is the area to highlight a range of useful skills.


Writing a CV is just about highlighting to an employer the assets you possess, as well as striking a balance between emphasising your qualities but not promising too much. You need to be realistic and honest about your ability as well as show yourself in the most professional light.

Happy jobhunting!

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