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What to do this Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) Day in Birmingham

What to do this Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) Day in Birmingham

People tend to say Birmingham is an “okay” city and there is not much to do. However, I tend to disagree with that and I always like to share my tips on what to do and see around this GREAT city.

A few months ago I told you all about plans to do with your family, and this time I wanted to share an itinerary you could do with your partner, best friend or even just yourself this Valentine’s Day (or any other day to be honest!)

To start off the day, why not have breakfast at one of the many coffee shops in Birmingham? My suggestions are:

After having food, you are ready to properly start the day, but that’s also when things get difficult because there’s just too much to choose from. From cinema to theatre, mini golf, bowling, karting, escape rooms, Botanical Gardens, Museums… It really depends on your personal preferences and your mood for the day.

To keep things simple, I’ll give you the name of one provider per activity. It doesn’t mean they are the best or anything like that, that’s just to help you with your search for the day 🙂

Hopefully by lunchtime you already chose and did one of those activities, so it’s time for the best part of the day: More food! Because it’s a special day, you have to go to a special (and delicious) restaurant. Here are my ideas (they all have veggie options):

The good part of finishing your lunch is that then you can have a go at one of the other activities from the above list. And the same for dinner – you then have another 4 restaurants to choose from!

To end the night you definitely have to head to a cocktail bar in Birmingham. Luckily there is one in every corner of the city. Here are some of my favourites in case you are struggling with your choice:

Hope you enjoyed my suggestions, and don’t forget these are all things that are available to you all year round – get the most out of your city, whether on Valentine’s Day or any other day!



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