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Social and education

Social and education

All universities boast about amazing facilities, high quality teaching and offering you the best education. But let’s be honest, a lot of students pick their university based not only on the degree but the city and social life they can have over their student years.

The social element is a huge part of what being at university is about. Yes, career-wise, degrees are of huge benefit, but when you ask people about their time at university, you’re more likely to hear them say “best years of my life” or “that’s where I made all my best friends”. When I talk to my brother and sister about university, they tell me about their time in the sport societies or the stupid things they did with their flat mates, even though they both got really successful degrees.

Social is a really important factor when picking a university. Places like Liverpool and Nottingham have loads of students flocking to university there as everyone knows the nightlife is amazing. When people have lots of university options the secondary factor is where they want to live, where they want to be independent and live out their teen years.

Societies are a huge part of university. It’s where you participate and meet people. When my brother was at the University of Chester, he was captain of the men’s basketball team, while my sister was in the hockey and netball societies. Now that I’m at UCB, I’m in the cheerleading society.

University can be the best years of your life, so get involved with UCB.