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My Ultimate Binge-Watching List

My Ultimate Binge-Watching List

I can’t deny it- I’m a Netflix lover and as soon as I finish a TV series I immediately start looking for another one. One of my favourite genres is police/crime dramas so you’ll see a lot of that in this list, but I am open to all kinds of genres as long as it is a good show.

Put your pyjamas on and get ready for a lot of binge-watching, because here is my ultimate list of what you definitely have to watch:

  • Jane the Virgin:
    I dare to say this is probably my favourite series ever. Basically, everything that happens is so dramatic but at the same time funny (like a telenovela), and that’s what I love about it. You connect with the characters and just can’t stop watching (at least I couldn’t). Jane is accidentally artificially inseminated, and the story grows from there.

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  • Suits:
    Again, one of my favourite shows ever. It’s just really smart and addictive, what else can I say? I do have to admit I stopped watching once I knew Meghan Markle wouldn’t be part of the cast anymore (for obvious reasons).

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  • How to Get Away with Murder:
    I guess I really like legal dramas as well – such an intelligent script and plot. If you haven’t seen it yet, you have to! If the title has not convinced you to watch it already, have I now?

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  • The End of the F***ing World:
    A British one this time – two young guys go on a rather weird adventure together and the rest you will have to see for yourself.

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  • Elite:
    Besides British, I love Spanish series and believe me, they have a lot more than just La Casa de Papel (or Money Heist). This one is about life in college with a twist: One of the students is murdered.

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  • Las Chicas del Cable:
    Another Spanish one – it is the 1920s and women start to gain independence thanks to their work as phone operators. Besides getting an insight into how women were perceived and treated in that era, you also follow the life of a group of friends and of course it has a lot of drama, romance and crime.

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  • Atypical:
    This one has a different tone and it might be the first (and only) one on this list that does not involve any crimes or lawsuits. Instead, it is about the life of a family who have an autistic son. You will see his struggles, get an understanding of his feelings and how he deals with the fact that he is ready to start dating.

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  • Happy Valley:
    Follows the life of a British police officer while she fights crimes in the streets but also has to deal with the comeback of her daughter’s murderer who is also the father of her grandson.

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  • Seven Seconds:
    A cop kills a kid and his boss covers the murder while an attorney fights for justice and peace for the kid’s family.

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  • The Sinner:
    Although it has two seasons, each one follows the case of two different persons who committed a crime not because they are evil, but because of very strong reasons that led them to do it – and while no one wants to hear their side of the story, a detective investigates and tries to uncover those reasons.

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That’s it – my ultimate list. These are definitely my 10 favourite series ever, and when I say you HAVE to watch it I really mean it. You probably have seen one or more, so I want to know your opinion. Just because 10 might not be enough, here are a few more that are good (but not as great as the above): Safe, One of Us, Sex Education, Paranoid, Guilt and Dark.

Hope you enjoyed my suggestions! Beijinho



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